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									Caring For And Selecting A Machine Washable Yoga Mat
The great thing about yoga is that you don't need much equipment.
Basically a yoga mat, a towel, and some water and you're off to the
races. Of course if you've been to a yoga class or two you'll notice that
people spend a lot of money on this equipment if they truly love to do
yoga. This is really not necessary. Just buy the best quality that you
can afford and spend your time and effort focusing on the exercise. The
main thing you want to consider a course is your yoga mat since this is
the only thing between you and the hard surface you're working on. Many
people choose machine washable yoga mats simply because they are very
easy to take care of but they also tend to be the highest quality mats as
well. But even given that information it still may be difficult to pick
the perfect one for you. Why? Because this is going to be the one piece
of equipment the associate with the practice of yoga. You'll become
intimately familiar with this piece of equipment and hopefully you'll be
spending a lot of time together.
Types of machine washable yoga mats
There are many different types of yoga mats that are machine washable.
When go to your class today you mostly see the thin roll up types of yoga
mats. These come in many assorted colors and sizes but keep in mind that
not all of them can be washed in the washing machine. You want it a close
look at the label before you purchase any of these mats. You also want to
keep in mind the stickiness of the mat. Some of the cheaper machine
washable yoga mats tended to be less sticky than their non-washable
counterparts. Stickiness as you can imagine is quite important when
you're doing intricate yoga poses. Take a moment to search on the
Internet and see what other yoga practitioners recommend. At the end of
this article will give you a few links a machine washable yoga mats that
we like.
Another type of yoga mat that you don't see quite as often but can be
cleaned just as easily is a cotton yoga mat. These yoga mats are a bit
more bulky than the more modern and yoga mats but for those who need a
bit more cushion they are a great solution. Again there is quite a wide
array of cotton yoga mats available in all colors. Traditionally these
types of mats were used for Astanga-style yoga but we are seeing them
more and more in all types of York practices. Cotton yoga mats were
popular way before sticky mats were even thought of so they are certainly
part of it is history. Be sure to look around and if you can try to find
a cotton yoga mat that is made of 100% organic cotton. As long as you're
buying a yoga mat you might as well take care of the environment too.
Lastly, although not technically a yoga mat is the yoga towel. This piece
equipment is relatively new and is designed specifically to keep you from
sliding on your mat. These are very thin towels they can be put in the
washing machine just like any other machine washable yoga mat. The
difference with these towels over ordinary towels is twofold. They are
cut to the same with as a traditional yoga mat and they come with small
sticky beads that helps take one side to your mat and the other side to
your feet. These are great if you can do sweat a lot or simply want more
control over your yoga poses and more security that you won't lose your
As mentioned before if your resources for purchasing machine washable
yoga mats:
Yoga towel:

this brand of you ever tell was the first on the market in our mind still
the best available.
Cotton yoga mat:

these cotton yoga mats are quite simple and easy to take care of yet they
come in many beautiful colors and are of high quality.
Machine washable yoga mat:

this is a very basic role of yoga mat. Combine this with the other towel
and when you're done with your your workout stick them both in the
washing machine for easy cleanup.
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