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									Nocturnal Eating Syndrome - Both Eating and Sleeping Disorders
Despite increasing awareness about eating disorders among people,
nocturnal eating syndrome, an eating disorder, is commonly found in
women. Nocturnal eating syndrome is a medical problem that is associated
with sleep disorders. Generally, people with this ailment are Very light
sleepers. When they awake during the night they are overpowered with a
strong feeling that they can't sleep until they have something to eat.
Nocturnal eating syndrome is a combination of both eating and sleeping
disorders. Insomnia is a major contributor to this syndrome.
As far as treatment of the nocturnal eating syndrome is concerned, a
memory foam mattress proves to be the best solution. It is so comfortable
and soothing that it enables an individual to enjoy a sound sleep; be it
in summers or winters, it adjusts itself to the body temperature and work
wonders for people having the sleep disorders.
Sleep disorders accompanied by eating disorders might cause dramatic
increase in weight. Some say that this condition is merely due to eating
habits while others are of the view that this condition is the result of
some changes in the hormone levels. Most people who suffer from this
nocturnal eating syndrome are prone to poor sleep, stress, lack of
concentration and weak immune system.
During this disorder, most people eat what they would not eat when
completely awake. More often, they consume very unhealthy and strange
foods. It is because at this point of time they turn to be reckless and
sloppy. Usually, they do not have the memory of what they had consumed
last night.
At times people with psychological problems, different mood swings and
personality disorders are prone to develop eating and sleep disorders.
Also, people with sleep apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy, have a history
of sleepwalking and are at the higher risk of the nocturnal eating
Usually, people suffering from nocturnal eating syndrome have more sleep
disorders than that of eating disorders. Perhaps, due to the
uncomfortable bed, you keep tossing and turning during the night and
ultimately get up. If such is the case, then you must use memory foam
mattress. In addition to it, you can also opt for prescribed medications
that are quite effective for the treatment of nocturnal eating syndrome.
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