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									Don't Wait to Stop Binge Eating
Throughout life, we can be easily motivated to do something when it is
fun and exciting. When other tasks seem to be more fearful, we aren't so
motivated to jump on it. Instead, we take our time and look to the other
things that need to be taken care of immediately. In other words, we
Take a look at your life and see what things you have repeatedly
procrastinated on accomplishing and think about what you are waiting for
to stop binge eating disorder.
Does ending binge eating disorder just seem too hard?
Do you feel too overwhelmed and don't even know where to start since
you've binged for so long?
Do you feel like you don't have what it takes to be successful at
overcoming the urges to binge eat?
Are you scared because you don't feel strong enough to end binge eating
Do you wonder what your life will be like when you don't binge? What will
you do instead of binge eating?
Procrastination on some things is fine. When it comes to other, more
important things, like binge eating, it's not so fine. It's your health
we are talking about. It's being able to play with your children. It's
giving yourself completely to your husband or wife because you feel good
enough inside. It's loving yourself. It's being able to travel. It's
going to dinner with friends. It's SO much more than an eating
disorder... and it's taking away your whole life.
Do the following things to help yourself be proactive against binge
eating disorder:
Make a list of everything you want to do or wish you would do but don't
because of binge eating disorder. Write down the small things that really
don't matter, and be sure to capture the bigger ones that do. You know,
the ones that are making you sit back and not have control over your own
When you are done, take a long, hard look at your list and see how your
life is 100% affected by binge eating disorder.
Now, make another list.
On this list, let's pretend that you don't have binge eating disorder.
Let's say that you have a week off from work and you can do whatever it
is that you want. You don't have to worry about making sure your kids did
their homework. You don't have to worry about paying bills. You don't
even have to worry about having dinner on the table. Your biggest "worry"
is how you will spend the next 7-days.
What will you do? How will you spend these days?
Now, for the biggest question there is... Why are you letting binge
eating disorder hold you back?
I understand that there are many factors that can get in our way and
cause stress and frustration. I get that it's not as easy as being on a
vacation for a week... but, don't you think that you should allow
yourself the freedom to do the activities you want to do? Don't you think
it's time to stop letting binge eating disorder control you? Don't you
want to enjoy life?
When you come to realize and accept that binge eating disorder is not
going to control you anymore, you will start branching out more. You will
find yourself saying "yes" to invitations. When you start to do new
things, you will develop a new confidence. You will start pushing binge
eating disorder to the back of your mind, instead of always being at the
forefront. You will realize that you have the courage to stop this
ongoing and exhausting battle with binge eating disorder.
It's all up to you.
What are you going to decide to do with your life?
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