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					   Tailgate/Toolbox Topics
                                                                      Division of Occupational Safety and Health
                                 TT-7: Feb 2006                       California Department of Industrial Relations

                    Setting Up a Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Meeting
Tailgate or Toolbox safety meetings are 10-15 minute on-the-                 of information. Cal/OSHA also supplies a wide range of
job meetings held to keep employees alert to work-related                    printed material on worksite safety and health.
accidents and illnesses.                                                4.   Don’t choose too broad a topic.
Tailgate/toolbox safety meetings have proved their worth by             5.   Encourage employee participation - keep your meeting
alerting employees to workplace hazards, and by preventing                   short.
accidents, illnesses and on-the-job injuries.
                                                                       Sample Topic for Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Meetings:
Why Have Them?
     In both the tunneling and construction industries, tailgate                     Why are guards left off machines?
safety meetings are required by Title 8, Sections 8406 and 1509             Guards are placed on machines to prevent workers from
of the California Code of Regulations.                                 contacting moving parts. They are required by Cal/OSHA
     While tunneling and construction are the only industries          regulations.
that specifically require tailgate safety meetings, all California          Many California workers are killed or injured every year
employers must have a safety program that includes employee            because guards are removed and not replaced.
training in safe work practices.                                            Why are guards left off? Ask the group to give reasons.
     Tailgate/toolbox safety meetings can be used to address           Some common ones are:
actual problems on the job or in the shop. The supervisor               ♦ I didn’t have time to replace the guard.
leading the meeting can draw on the experience of workers,              ♦ I wanted to make sure the machine was working okay. I
and use that experience to remind all employees –especially                  just never got around to replacing the guard.
newer ones – of the dangers of working with particular kinds            ♦ I put on a new drive and the old guard didn’t fit.
of machinery, tools, equipment and materials.                           ♦ I had to remove the guard to adjust the machine.
                                                                        ♦ I couldn’t work with the guard on. It slowed me down.
What to Talk About?                                                     ♦ Listen I’ve run these machines for years without guards
     Talk about work practices, machinery, tools, equipment                  and I’ve never been hurt.
materials, attitudes, and anything else that may cause or                    These excuses have been given countless times. After the
contribute to a work-related accident or illness.                       accident has happened, the guard is replaced and strict rules
Keep the topic relevant to the job or tasks at hand.                    are enforced. Of course, it’s too late for the victim. The
     An excellent source for construction related topics is the         purpose of meeting on this topic is to make sure rules are
publication Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry.        enforced before an accident can happen.
Supervisors can choose individual sections or topics and relate
them to their specific site requirements. Copies can be
ordered from the Division of Occupational Safety and Health.
     Choose a topic you think needs safety review. If you               Resources:
notice that spills aren’t being cleaned up promptly, discuss it. If
there has been an accident or a near-accident on the job, talk          Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide for the Construction Industry. Copies can
about it. What happened? Where did it happen? How can it be             be ordered from the Cal/OSHA publications website at:
prevented from happening again?                               , or obtained from a
Encourage employees to suggest topics. They often know best             Cal/OSHA District Office.
- what and where the dangers are.
                                                                        Cal/OSHA Construction Safety Orders can be reviewed
 How to Run a Good Meeting                                              at:
 1. Hold the meeting on the job, preferably where everyone
    can sit and relax.
                                                                        Note: The information provided is not meant to be either
 2. Hold meetings at the beginning of shift or after a break.
 3. Choose the topic carefully. Topics should be about health
                                                                        a substitute for or legal interpretation of the occupational
    and safety problems on the job. Research the problem                safety and health regulations. Readers are cautioned to
    before the meeting. For machinery, consult the                      refer directly to Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations
    manufacturer’s operations manual. For handling toxic                for detailed information regarding the regulation’s scope,
    substances, get a copy of the material safety data sheet.           specifications, and exceptions and for other requirements
    Your company’s insurance carrier is another good source             that may be applicable to their operations.

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