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									Rock Climbing Wall Kits
When you were a child, your jungle gym probably had swings, a slide, and
maybe a glider. That was all you could hope for back in the day. All that
has changed now. Jungle gyms have everything from swings to forts to rock
climbing walls. That’s right, rock climbing walls. You can buy a rock
climbing wall kit with your children’s play set, or get one to add on
later when the kids are older.
With a rock climbing wall kit added to your child’s play area, your
active kids will have fun on a rock climbing wall that presents them with
more of a challenge than simply climbing up and down ladders. All the
kids in the neighborhood will want to play at your house when you add a
rock climbing wall kit to the children’s jungle gym.
You can choose your rock climbing wall kit in stained pine, redwood, or
any other type of material of your choice. They come with full
instructions so you can start to erect your jungle gym and rock climbing
wall kit as soon as you are ready.
A rock climbing wall kit for Frontier, Discovery or Eclipse play set is
the perfect add on to your existing jungle gym. The rock climbing wall
kit comes with ten rock wall holds and the mounting hardware, it is
available in two different colors, it has the wall and the supporting
hardware, an extra bag of five rocks with hardware and a detailed 3D
illustrated instruction manual to help you set up your kids rock-climbing
wall in no time at all.
You can ask your friends at the rock climbing gym what the best rock
climbing wall kit is, but they may not know. Your best bet is to do
research online before you purchase anything.
With a rock climbing wall kit, you can also construct an indoor rock-
climbing wall to enjoy year round, no matter what the weather conditions
are. An indoor rock climbing wall kit is a great way to build strength
and endurance and the confidence you need to be a successful rock
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