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Purchasing an Interactive Whiteboard


									Purchasing an Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive whiteboard (also known as digital-whiteboard or electronic-
whiteboard) is a touch sensitive-whiteboard which works in conjunction
with a projector and a computer. All digital-whiteboards come with a
software through which whatever you draw or write on the board -surface
can be stored. The projector-displays the contents of the computer screen
on the whiteboard-surface. The computer mouse is remotely controlled by
touching the whiteboard-surface either by finger or through a special pen
known as stylus. So you need a software (popularly known as whiteboard -
software), projector and a PC in order to use an IWB. The cost of
installing an IWB is approximately 500 pounds (US $ 980).
The other option is to make your ordinary board digital, by using: a
receiver, software and a USB cable stylus. The advantage of such type of
set up is that you save your money on the installation charges and don't
need to replace your existing-board with a smaller electronic-whiteboard.
However you will still need a multimedia-projector and a desktop computer
or laptop. There are many suppliers who sell-IWB in bundles (or packages)
i.e. with projectors-and speakers. In this case the installation charges
are included in the bundle price.
The cost of an-interactive-whiteboard can vary from 600 pounds to 3000
pounds depending upon the type of technology it uses and also on the size
of the-board. For e.g. a rear-projection-interactive-whiteboard is more
expensive than the front-projection-interactive-whiteboard. Similarly 78
inches (diagonal)-IWB is much more expensive than its corresponding 35
inches. The whiteboard-software is generally always included in the IWB-
purchase-price. Mobile-whiteboards (which come with a mobile stand or
desk-stand) are slightly more expensive than the wall mounted ones.
Things to keep in mind while purchasing an interactive whiteboard:

1) Determine your needs .i.e. why you want an-IWB in the first place. Up
to which extent it will be able to meet the teachers and school needs.

2) Decide how it will be used and where it will be placed.

3) Decide who will get access to the board and when.

4) Decide which type of-interactive-whiteboard will be the best for the
school/class. What should be its size and whether or not it should be
kept mobile?

5) Make sure that your -IWB is compatible with the technology you are
using in your school. For e.g. if you are using say an operating system
say Macintosh on your class PCs, then your-whiteboard-software must
support the operating system.

6) Do exhaustive research on the internet on IWB -types, range, features,
benefits, accessories, prices and product reviews. Then write them down
in a tabular format for quick comparison.

7) Get quotations from all major suppliers-of -IWB. Then with the help of
quotations and your own research work make buying decision.

8) Make sure that your supplier is local so that he can be easily
contacted in case of any problem like hardware or software failure and
provides warranty (of at least 1 year), after sales services, free
upgrades and technical support.

9) In case you don't have any supplier in your area and you decide to use
internet or an out stationed vendor, then make sure that following things
are absolutely clear to you before you place an order:

i. Item Location i.e. the location from where the item will be shipped

ii. Shipping location i.e. the location to where the item can be shipped

iii. Shipping services provided (like courier, cash on delivery etc)

iv. Shipping and insurance cost.

v. Selling format (fixed price or bid price)

vi. Payment modes (like credit card, debit card, online bank transfer,
pay pal, money order, cheques, demand draft etc)

vii. Currencies accepted for making payments.

viii. Payment, shipping and insurance policies.

ix. Policies regarding warranty, replacement, refund, cancellation and

x. After sales services like free technical support, 24 hour toll free
phone support, free online support and upgrades.

xi. SSL secure connection or secure payment gateway.
Purchasing an Interactive Whiteboard

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