Drum Hardware For a Complete Drum Set

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					Drum Hardware For a Complete Drum Set
A drum set is like a well-built house with foundation and framework. This
framework includes pedals, stands, toms, lugs, hoops, tension rods, and
racks. And the foundations are the drum shells. All these together make
up the drum hardware. Just like a house cannot be built without
foundation and pillars, the drum is incomplete without the hardware
because it acts as the pillar of the whole set. Each of the hardware has
different role to play.
Drum hardware basically refers to various kinds of stands that hold up
the drum and the cymbals. Let us start with the most important pieces
that play a vital role in building up the set as well as the sound.
The pieces of metal that are attached to the side of the drum are the
lugs. The main aim of the lugs is to attach the hoops or rim, which is
fixed with the help of tension rods. Hoops mainly hold the drumhead in
place and even help in tuning it.
Coming to the drum shells, it refers to the material used in the drum.
Like, beginner's kits are made up of basswood or mahogany but higher kits
are made up of more costly woods to get better sound quality.
Adding next piece of the hardware, i.e. the pedals. They are available in
different types like, single chain drive, dual chain, belt driven, single
spring pedal, dual spring pedal and pedal with footboards. Among them the
dual chain pedals are harder and can take heavy foot. Even pedals with
dual spring are much better than the single one. The footboard pedals are
the high-end pedals and are strongest. Therefore, a combination of dual
chain, dual spring and footboard makes a tough pedal.
Next important parts of the hardware are the stands. Stands give support
to the whole set to provide proper positioning to it. The types includes:
- Boom stand: The most longest of the other hardware, the boom stand
provides easy positioning to the cymbals anywhere around the kits.
- Cymbal stand: This hardware not only supports the cymbals but also hold
toms, cowbells and tambourines as well.
- Hi-Hat stand: This is one of the vital parts of the hardware. It is
like a straight cymbal stand that has a spring-operated pedal connected
to a rod that opens and closes the top hi-hat cymbal. This cymbal is
linked with the clutch that has a hole in the middle where the rod fits
and is protected in the open position by a screw. The drummer needs to
place both the feet on the pedal, while using hi-hats in the closed
position, and just hit the lever and the hats drop. And has to do vice-
versa to reset it to the open position.
- Snare stand: A snare is played most of the time and so it is necessary
to have a solid snare stand. It is better to use double braced snare
stand rather than using single braced that are light weighted and move
Another important part of the drum hardware is the toms. They are greater
than the stands by 14'' and have legs to stand on their own. Once the
drum is assembled it is mounted on the toms. It should be mentioned here
that the sound quality of the drum depends on its positioning on the
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