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									Developing Backup and Recovery Solution
In this article you will learn how to develop a backup and recovery
solution. Data has become a firm's most valuable asset, and it is your
job to protect this data from accidental loss. remember the fundamental
questions to ask when developing a solution. What should be backup? What
is the recovery point? What is the time frame for recovery? What is the
risk tolerance,if any,of the firm? Finding the answers to these questions
will help you develop a plan that is appropriate for your firm.
Microsoft Windows includes a very basic but very capable backup
solutions, Backup utility for windows. Backup utility for windows now
includes the ability to backup data to a file and place the data on a
network share, removable media, or other hardware device,such as tape
drive. An entire drive, volume, folder, or individual file can be backed
up. Also the registry, critical boot files, and active directory can be
backed up by selecting to backup system state data.
In case of failure, the system state data can be restored to recover
active directory. Under normal circumstances, a domain controller
replicates with other domain controllers upon startup, and any changes in
active directory are replicated to the domain controller. In c ase of
accidental deletion of active directory object, an authoritative restore
can be performed to restore a particular object. By using ntdsutil, a
particular object can be authoritatively restores, without disregarding
other changes in active directory.
Occasionally servers become sick and have boot failures. Some times a
boot failure is due to a hardware failure, such as bad memory, a hard
drive failure, or motherboard failure. In these situations, the hardware
must be replaced before you can trouble shoot the operating system. In
some cases, windows will even have to re-installed. However, there are
plenty of situations in which the operating system is not working
correctly due to mis-configurations or other software issue. In these
situations, the advanced boot options can be used to restore a server to
full functionality quickly and easily. In previous version of windows, an
emergency repair repair disks was provided to recover from major failure.
Microsoft Windows one implements an automated system recovery (ASR)
process. Using ASR is an easy way to restore a server to previous
operational state. Am ASR disk is created by using backup utility for
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