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					Integration Of Data
Data integration is defined by the process of weaving and managing client
and customer information from all data points. These points can be legacy
data systems, web services or even text files. Much of the data contains
customer details, valuation data, direct marketing data and others.
Minimizing the risk of corrupting data with integration requires some
thought and planning. Most importantly you must arrive at data
integration strategy that not only provides accurate data interchange,
but one that minimizes system downtime.
Data integration can help public and private sector companies and
organizations leverage their information data store. Being able to
effectively communicate between third party systems is important.
Data integration is useful in that it removes the manual entry of data
into your data system. Removing the step of human interaction also
eliminates many errors that could happen during boring and tedious data
entry sessions.
Poor data integration solutions can put your data and your business in
jeopardy, potentially corrupting important data contained in your ERP,
data warehouse, CRM or other information data stores.
When properly integrated, customer data will maintain a consistent flow
and accurate snapshot of the data contained in all systems. Data
integration creates a significant means of information management. It is
important however to hire trained and experienced data integration
specialists though. Experience is the key to finding the correct solution
to data integration.
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