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									Automatic Data Backup
Data backup and backup storage is a problem faced by everyone using
computers. Automatic data backup can be customized simply. With a few
mouse clicks you can arrange a backup profile, for further usual use by
the command-line backup utility. Forgetting to take backups of important
data may lead to data loss. Only automatic backup processing can ensure
regular data backup.
Backup software is available in various versions, offering flexible
solutions. The scheduler in the software distribution kit allows setting
up unattended execution backup jobs on both personal computers and server
systems. There are three independent programs planned to automate backup
process on any computer running. Backup manager is the main tool that
allows you to create a custom backup profile for further automatic
backup. Command-line backup utility is ideal for unattended backing up in
a command-line mode. The main advantage of the program is that it backs
data up automatically according to the backup profile, without any action
on the part of the user. The backup scheduler was designed to automate
executing backup jobs at the specified time. This is helpful to schedule
backing up by the command-line backup utility or to automate execution of
any command-line tasks. Therefore there are two steps to perform
automatic backup. First it is necessary to create and test your backup
profile with the backup manager program. Then a new job is created in the
backup scheduler program and the startup of your profile specified by the
command-line backup utility.
Online backup is an automatic process. Once online backup software is
installed and backup sets are arranged, backups start automatically.
Online backup is scalable and offsite. It allows you to easily retrieve
data and save money.
Traditional manual backups are time consuming. Automatic data backup
makes secure data storage easy. Automatic backups, by default, run every
night after business hours, transferring only changes to files.
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