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									Wow, What a Nice Wiki
If you are an Internet user there is no doubt that you have come across
the site called Wikipedia. This site offers a cornucopia of information
on any possible topic that is more accurate than anything you could find
in the Encyclopedia Britannica. This site is a place where people can
collaborate about anything and everything quickly. In fact, the word wiki
itself means fast in Hawaiian according to the New York Times. So, in
order to collaborate with your staff fast have you considered using a
wiki for your business.
This idea came to me after using a wiki from in class working
on a project together. With all of us commuting to school and the price
of gas rising we were able to update our assignment easily and get
feedback from our classmates on any ideas for the project withou leaving
the comforts of our home. Using this site not only let us collaborate
easily we also got our assignment done faster than the rest of the class.
In the workplace you can use this with colleagues from all over the world
posting case studies, acronyms, and different codes for our web
development projects. This would be considered a more private wiki, but
the concept is identical. The nice thing about this is that you pull
saved files from the wiki rather than our own hard drive. The reason for
this is that you never have to redo your steps. One quick note, make sure
you track your changes in a Word or Excel application.
For your business consider these situations to use a wiki: When you have
a new sales campaign, marketing campaign, new products, and customer
service solutions. You can use this tool to inform your employees of the
changes and receive their feedback. Your employees can communicate to
each other what works and doesn't work at the same time you can overlook
the conversation to see what needs improvement. If you have employees
that never see each other this is the perfect way to get everyones input
quickly and efficiently.
There are a few other ways to utilized wiki's which I plan on discussing
in the near future, but for a jump start training checkout the book
Wikinomics. It has numerous case studies and multiple ways that it can be
used in the business world. The true question is what will it take to get
your business to use a wiki? How do you think it would be useful to you?
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