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					Warhammer Crafting
With Warhammer Online releasing on September 18th, many of you may be
wondering about the Warhammer online crafting system. I was able to do
some crafting last weekend during the Preview weekend and would like to
share what I have learned.
Warhammer crafting is pretty straight forward. There are two different
types of crafting - harvesting and finished product crafting. There are
four types of harvesting crafts. Scavenging is scrounging usable stuff
from humanoid type mobs after you have killed them. Butchering is pretty
much the same thing as scavenging only from dead animals. Cultivating is
farming or growing items to be used to make finished products. Magical
salvaging is breaking down items into crafting supplies. There are only
two types of finished product crafting at this time. Apothecary is
basically potion making and can be pretty handy. You can make healing
potions, stat buffs, or cause damage that can really help in RvR.
Talisman Making creates adornments to be added to armor and weapons.
I would recommend everyone get a harvesting craft early in the game.
Around level 5, you will come across a quest camp with crafting trainers
in it. As a beginner Warhammer craft I would recommend Scavenging. It
seems there are more humanoids to be killed than animals and even if you
don't plan to craft right away or ever, you can scavenge items to sell to
a merchant to make money early on. You can even scavenge from other
players after you have killed them in RvR. It also makes sense to have
your first character scavenge because it doesn't require anything but
dead bodies to skill up and you gain items usable in cultivating,
apothecary and talisman making.
Finished product crafting is pretty easy and skill ups come fast. There
are no recipes in Warhammer crafting so you just open the crafting
window, put the items in there and see what happens when you combine
them. In Apothecary, for instance, you put in a glass vial to hold your
potion, you add a basic ingredient like Elvish Parsley (to make a healing
potion) and then you have three more slots that you can buy items to
enhance the combination, increase the number of potions created or make
it more stable (more likely to succeed). This is where your scavenging
comes in. If you have scavenged something that says it does something
interesting, you can just throw it in to the mix at this point and see
what you get from the combine. No recipes to search for or buy.
According to Mythic, Warhammer crafting is not necessary but is meant to
enhance RvR. So it's all about being tougher or better at attacking or
more resistant to magic, etc. Everything in the game is centered on
killing the enemy.
James Ostenson is an avid gamer and has played several online fantasy
games starting with Ultima Online. Warhammer Online looks to be the next
best thing in the MMORPG world. Check out his Squidoo page where he does
a review of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning preview weekend.
James' blog can be found here at Wordpress

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