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Quick and Easy Turkey Recipe Ideas by primusboy


									Quick and Easy Turkey Recipe Ideas
Thanksgiving is coming soon, and most folks will prepare and sit down to
a huge traditional turkey day meal. A few days ago my oldest son, now
twenty-three, made me stop and think about how necessary all of that food
really is. I mean really, do we need to roast a twenty pound bird every
year? My son commented on how ridiculous it all can be at times when the
true meaning of the holiday is to show gratitude for what we have. Right?
For those among us who aren't interested in cooking a massive dinner, or
for those small families who just want to have a 'taste' of the holiday,
there is an alternative. Of course you can always just order pizza and
let everyone take turns saying what they're thankful for, but there are
some die-hard 'Thanksgiving-ites' who, although they don't want all the
mess and excess, still would appreciate the 'essence' of the traditional
holiday fare. So, what's the compromise in this situation? The following
is a quick and easy turkey dinner idea along with easy trimmings that
will leave you feeling comfy and grateful, yet not about to pop or
anxious about the mess in the kitchen.
Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Turkey and Dressing to Really Be Thankful for
4-6 turkey breast slices

½ c chopped green bell pepper

2 tbsp water

1 - 12 oz jar turkey gravy

1 c chicken broth

3 c dry stuffing mix

1 - 6 oz package dried fruit pieces

Spray large skillet with cooking spray. Add turkey and season as you
prefer. Cook 4 minutes or until turkey is golden brown and not pink in
center. Turn once and remove from skillet. In same skillet, add bell
pepper and water, cook for 2 minutes. Take out ¼ cup of gravy from jar or
can and add the remaining gravy and broth to skillet; mix well. Bring to
boil and remove skillet from heat. Add the stuffing and fruit pieces and
stir until moist. Return your turkey to skillet and add the rest of the
gravy. Cover and let stand about 5 minutes before serving.
You can double this entire recipe if you have more folks to serve.
Another thought I had about making this even easier for larger groups-
give this recipe to a few members of your family and let them prepare and
bring their own dish to the occasion. This will travel well in a
casserole dish and makes a wonderful Thanksgiving Potluck idea.
What quick and easy trimmings go well with this delicious recipe? How
about some dinner rolls, cranberry jelly, butternut squash and green
beans? Simple and yummy too. Serve a ready made apple or pumpkin pie with
whipped topping and it's a hit all round.
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