; Planning an Italian Food Menu
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Planning an Italian Food Menu


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									Planning an Italian Food Menu
The menu could possibly be the single most important element of the
Italian restaurant. After all, it is what is on the menu that keeps the
customers coming back again and again. Careful consideration should go
into planning the menu; this includes not only what foods you will serve,
but also the layout and wording as well.
The first thing on your agenda when planning an Italian food menu is what
type of food you will be serving. Are you serving just pizza and Italian
sandwiches or will your menu feature a larger variety of dining options?
Next on your menu planning schedule should be to find several similar
restaurants and study their menus. Pay attention to the variety of dishes
that they offer, and how their menu is arranged.
Unless you already have your heart set on exactly what it is you will be
serving in your diner, you may want to consider trying some of the most
successful Italian restaurants in the area and incorporating some of
their best dishes into your own menu. Some of the best Italian
restaurants offer authentic foods from Italy, as well as some American
Another point to keep in mind is that some of the best eating
establishments have a signature dish that is all their own. You may want
to create a taste that is unique to your restaurant. This is a sure way
to keep the customers coming back.
Divide your menu into sections that include appetizers, drinks, lunch,
dinner, salads, sandwiches and desserts. Now you are ready to fill your
menu with the many wonderful and tasty dishes that you have planned.
Planning your menu includes much more than simply deciding what foods you
will serve. Proper layout of the menu is also important. Again, study the
menus of your competitors. How do they have their menu arranged? What are
the menu's advantages and disadvantages?
By taking careful note of these aspects of the menu, you will have a good
idea of how to best layout your own menu. Generally, appetizers and
salads, along with soups appear first on the menu, followed by
sandwiches, lunch selections and finally dinner plates.
Another extremely important factor that should not be overlooked when
planning your menu is the color scheme and theme of your menu. The colors
and graphics of your menu should reflect the overall theme of your
Don't forget that you will need quality graphics to represent the many
wonderful dishes that you will be serving. The importance of this cannot
be stressed enough. People are visual and want to see what their food
will look like. Last but not least is menu selection description. Use
very descriptive and flowing language when describing the selections that
are featured on your menu.
Once you have settled on your menu items, you'll be one step closer to
your dream of opening a successful Italian restaurant.
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