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Organic Food Versus Conventional Food


									Organic Food Versus Conventional Food
Many of us still wonder when we walk down the supermarket aisle which is
the best food for the family-organic or conventional. Going organic has
now become more of a trend.
Most health magazines have been quoting their experts who firmly believe
that eating organic food is healthier, more nutritious and taste better.
Fruits and vegetables are not laden with harmful chemicals which in turn
seem to increase the incidence of cancer, Alzheimer's disease and certain
birth defects.
Conventional foods are sprayed with pesticides that could contain
chemicals that have been long banned. The fertilizers added are chemical
based and synthetic herbicides are used to curb weed growth. These foods
when consumed regularly can have a detrimental effect on the well being
of a person in the long run.
Organic food is not just beneficial to the body but also to the
environment. Organic farming preserves the wildlife and ecosystem. The
ground water and soil are not contaminated; waste production is under
control and the environment is pollution free.
Many turn to organic food because they believe it tastes better, more
juicy and full-flavored and this psychologically gives them a good
feeling. Organic fruits and vegetables are free from artificial coloring,
flavorings and residual antibiotics. They are devoid of growth hormones
and genetically modified ingredients.
Organic fruits and vegetables are costlier than conventional foods but it
is a small price to pay for healthy and disease free life. Organic
gardening is catching on as people want to grow their own food and in a
small way help the environment.
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