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					Food And Wine
People always ask: what is the best way to combine food and wine? They
are worried that they are going to serve the wrong combination at the
dinner table. Well, there is no "right" and "wrong" way to pair food and
wine. Here are some general information that will help you choose the
most suitable wine with your food.
If you have guests over for dinner and would like to serve more than one
type of wine, it's a good idea to serve first the lighter wine, before
you offer the heavier full body wine. Also, the type of food you serve
should be your guide in order to pair food and wine. If your dish is
light then a lighter wine would be proper, if your dish is hearty then a
medium to full body wine would be more appropriate.
What I like to do is pair opposites. Hot and spicy foods are great with
sweeter wines like Riesling or even dessert wines. Most of the people do
not know that, so try it and your guests will be pleasantly surprised. If
the dish is salty(such as certain appetizers) serve an acidic wine like a
Saunignon Blanc or a sparkling wine. These types will help cut the
saltiness of the food. For hearty and spicy dishes try a Cotes du Rhone
from France or a Rioja from Spain.
Always keep in mind that food and wine pairing is very subjective,so some
food and wine combination that I like you might hate. So try to
experiment with different combinations. You never know, you might
discover new tastes and you will enjoy it!
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