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									Canning Recipes
The canning of foods will sterilise and seal the contents so that they
will be preserved for future use. Food is place into glass or tin
containers and then hermetically sealed. These are then heated so as to
destroy the micro-organisms that spoil the foods. It is a process which
was first invented in the early 19th Century and is still very popular
today. Many products which we buy at the store are canned to preserve
their freshness. Canning has always been a very popular way to increase
the shelf life of products at home and there are many companies who
produce specialist jars for this purpose. One of the longest standing
manufacturers of canning equipment is Kerr. Not only have they produced
their glass jars since the early 1900s but they have published Kerr
Canning recipes in their highly respected books.
During the depression, canning became a vital part of every day life,
with many people dependant on the preservation of foods for the winter
months. Kerr set up an educational program to teach the principle of
canning and to show how the process could ensure a steady food supply
even when fruit and vegetables were out of season and difficult to get
hold of. They had promotional cars which toured the country giving advice
and advertising their products. Many small books were distributed to
housewives showing the science of canning and giving Kerr canning recipes
for them to use at home.
As a part of their drive to bring canning into our homes, Kerr also gave
many demonstrations of canning techniques and even installed some model
kitchens in the 1930s. The company did an excellent job in capitalising
on the great depression. The timing was good for Kerr as many people were
suffering from job losses and reduced incomes and were finding that times
were hard. The preservation of food was becoming an important fact of
life and as a relatively new company, they were able to establish their
glass canning products as being indispensable. The Kerr canning recipes
were a tremendous help to many people during the depression and enabled
families to preserve foods much more easily and with increased safety.
Kerr were marketing two main products; the economy jar and the self-
sealing mason jar. The latter was well known for its two piece lid. As
these could create a vacuum at the neck of the jars, canning could easily
be done in the home and Kerr Canning recipes became a great success.
The jars are still available today, although the original plant in Sand
Springs Oklahoma was closed when the company was bought by Ball-Incon in
1991. Ball has continued to produce their canned food recipe book and it
is still possible to get hold of the book of Kerr Canning recipes from
second hand book stores and on the internet.
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