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									How to Say No at a Timeshare Presentation
Most timeshare companies that run presentations in exchange for free
gifts or heavily discounted accommodation require that, if you are
married, both you and your spouse must attend the presentation together.
Apparently this method is so successful that, at many timeshare
presentations, single people aren't even eligible to attend.
So you won't be able to use the excuse that you need to consult with your
husband or wife before buying because your spouse is sitting next to you.
That's why you really need to learn how to say no at the timeshare
What you need to do is make sure that you consult with your spouse before
you attend the presentation. You both need to be in agreement that you
intend to say NO regardless of how appealing the salesperson makes the
timeshare offer sound. You both need to agree that even if you like the
idea of timesharing, you won't buy at the presentation without taking the
paperwork home and looking it over first and that you won't proceed
without first taking a look at the resale market.
Once you and your spouse are determined that you won't be moved, the hard
part is over. You can present a united front during the presentation and
nothing can dissuade you because you know that 1.) this particular offer
is going to be just as available next week or next month as it is today;
and 2.) you'll be much better off looking for the exact same timeshare on
More Timeshare Presentation Tips
A lot of folks will suggest cutesy answers for dealing with timeshare
salespeople, but believe me when I tell you that they have an answer for
everything. Timeshare sales representatives are probably some of the best
marketers that you will ever encounter. They will run rings around your
car dealer. So it is really best not to engage too much if you want to
get out of the presentation on time.
The one important thing you need to be aware of and avoid getting caught
up in are the leading questions. You will be asked many leading
questions, mostly about stuff that you have never given a thought to
before -- like buying a full-time vacation property. Well guess what?
Don't spend any time thinking about it now. The timeshare sales rep is
trying to get you to compare apples and oranges. Don't do it. Disinterest
is the preferred response, but a simple "no, I'd never be interested in
that" should work too. Just let them move onto the next part of their
spiel and it'll soon be over.
Once the presentation is over, go and collect your gifts and enjoy the
rest of your vacation. If you do decide to buy at timeshare after you've
had time to go home and think about it, you can then see how much you'll
save buying resale rather than from the developer.
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