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					Police Test Questions You’ll Face I wanted to talk to you about the police test questions you’ll have to probably answer when you’re going through the hiring process with a police department. The test is designed to filter out all the bad apples and leave just a small minority of people to move on to the interviewing process. This is why an estimated 70% of people will end up failing the test. You’re going to be challenged in a very specific manner and you’re going to face a lot of tough questions. That’s why I’m going to help you and if you want to be able to pass, you’re going to have to understand some of the police test questions that you’ll face. A very common question that people get wrong is a mug shot question. Basically as an officer, you’re going to have to identify suspects from a simple old picture and that can be tough. They give you a mug shot of a person and they give you 4 other pictures. The 4 other pictures will look practically the same. The hair will be different or the face will be a little fatter, but essentially all pictures look the same. You have to identify which one is in the mug shot. You really have to demonstrate that you know how to identify a person. Another one of the police test questions you’ll face is the questioning process of victims of crimes and even suspected criminals. Questioning is a very important skill for an officer because you have to be very specific. They want to see you extract information out of people without persuading. That’s a pivotal part of answer this type of question. Click here to learn how to Pass the Exam