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					Obama, Go Shopping!
Barack Obama during a recent debate berated President Bush for telling
Americans, after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, "to go out and
shop". I knew immediately why Bush said that, I know that a majority of
"working people" understand why he said that. Shopping, instead of hiding
in our homes thinking "we are all doomed" is one way a democratic economy
WORKS! Obama does not know this simple fact, Obama does not know much
about anything regarding American Pride, Sacrifice, Team Work, or the
Mental Infrastructure of America.   Â
"Lots of motorists neglecting car maintenance" which appeared Friday,
October 17, 2008 in "Idaho News Now"Â married with Obama's remarks of
the past months finally struck a nerve and demanded a response from this
small business owner.
For all small business owners of Car Care Facilities; Quick Lubes, Tire
Centers, Car Washes, Muffler Shops, etc.. For all business's Everywhere
... What are you telling YOUR customers?
The article above stated:
"We're doing a lot of brakes and preventive stuff you need to do. But
major repairs, they're just not doing it"
"has seen a major drop in drivers keeping up to speed on oil changes. "
"People will come in four, five thousand miles and their oil will be
really low. And they'll tell me I need to get it taken care of, but I've
just been putting it off"
Come on folks, the article should have been named "Motorist Scrutinizing
Major Auto Repairs", not MAINTENANCE. "We're doing a lot of brakes and
preventive stuff .." is one quote pertaining to maintenance. Excuse me,
he said people are continuing automotive maintenance "preventative stuff
you need to do". The quote about a "major drop in drivers keeping up to
speed on oil changes" complimented with the "FACT" that "People will come
in four, five thousand miles and their oil will be really low" makes no
sense to those that know the Lube & Oil business. Most consumers have
been coming in every 4 to 5 thousand miles for YEARS! It's absolutely
absurd, that in this, and articles around the country, if you get two
pieces of paper and write the quotations on one page, and all non-quoted
material on the other, you have two separate stories and the non-quoted
page becomes the basis, or title, of the article (the attention grabber)
most of the time!
So, independent care care owners or independent business people
everywhere, what picture do you paint for your customers? Hopefully it is
one of optimism, pride, and a relentless nature that failing is simply
not an option. Hopefully, phrases like "business is down", "I am cutting
back on the number of employees", "I am trying to survive" is never
spoken to your customers, if they are, you just lost them to a more
optimistic, strong, and prideful competitor.
Mr. and Mrs. Obama want "Camelot", no matter the costs. The Oliver
Stones, Michael Moores, and many Celebrities believe America is doomed,
but, they continue to believe in us by the fact they continue to release
movies. Perhaps Hollywood and the Obamas should thank George Bush for his
leadership in getting the American People to "Move On" and "Go Shopping"
instead of berating him.
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Chuck's Business Site can be found here: http://www.datalube.net

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