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					Catalog & Home Shopping - The 21st Century Lifestyle Solution
Psst... You may not be aware, but there's been a very welcome shopping
revolution. In the space of fifteen years, retailing has blown away the
centuries old notion that shopping should be confined to the hours of 9
to 5, six days a week.
If you were lucky, there were some retailers who offered late night
shopping until 8 or 9 on a Thursday (and I do mean lucky!).
Incredibly, some smaller retailers closed half day on a Wednesday and at
least one major department store (John Lewis) closed all day Monday
because their staff worked Saturdays.
As for Sunday, you didn't even think about it.
In the space of fifteen years, the retailing landscape has changed beyond
recognition. Today, only the sleepiest of village shops would dream of
closing half day Wednesday and most retailers now have extended opening
hours, with Sunday trading almost standard amongst the supermarkets.
Take a trip into town on a Sunday and you'd be hard pushed to find any
differences in the number of shops open for business to those open of a
weekday or Saturday.
Clearly retailing has come a very long way in the last fifteen years, but
if you think traditional bricks and mortar trading has changed, take a
look at Catalog and Home Shopping.
Put simply: The Internet has revolutionized retailing.
The discerning shopper can now choose when they want to shop, and is
certainly not constrained by strictly observed opening hours. 24 hour
shopping means exactly that. The internet never sleeps and it is now
possible to buy (virtually) anything online and have it delivered to your
door (if you so desire).
It's not too dramatic to say that Home shopping has come of age in the
21st century, with massive wins to be had for those of us who lead very
busy lifestyles and work long hours. The crazy rush and congestion that
occurred every Saturday on every high street in the land, has thankfully,
if only partially, been alleviated by the two pronged attack of extended
trading hours and days, and the online transition and development of
Catalog and Home Shopping.
21st century shopping has become an increasingly sophisticated experience
with customers demanding a better quality of service than ever before.
Having more choice and more retailers to choose from, means that Catalog
and Home Shopping businesses have to stay on their toes and ahead of the
game, in their bid to convert browsing customers (from the comfort of
their armchair) into buying customers.
The slow and painful decline in Catalog and Home Shopping has forced many
such retailers to really focus on what they offer and almost without
exception there is a dawning realization that the internet presents an
opportunity to spectacularly reverse this trend.
With the right vision and creative approach Catalog and Home Shopping
retailers have the opportunity to reinvent themselves online while
retaining their core strengths. Addressing fashion trends, niche markets
and busy 24 hour lifestyles is the key to online success, and like never
before, fortune really does favor the brave.
In short, you and I can expect more choice, better service and even more
convenience from those retailers who decide to join the online shopping
As always, Happy shopping.
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