3 Steps to Better Shopping

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					3 Steps to Better Shopping
Ever go to the wardrobe and think, "I just have nothing to wear?", even
though, if you're anything like most women your wardrobe is bulging at
the seams. Largely it comes down to how we shop. When it comes to clothes
shopping most women can be put in one of two camps. They love it or they
hate it. Neither is necessarily well dressed though. Three simple
shopping strategies will help you get control of your wardrobe and put
together a classically elegant look.
If you're firmly entrenched on the I-hate-it side of the fence then you
tend to buy 'make do' pieces, ie whatever fits, looks half way decent and
gets you out of the shops as soon as possible. Your wardrobe will be
sparse and stuffed with things you seldom wear and that have little to no
relationship with each other.
The I-love-it girls don't have it all that great either. Impulse and
bargain buying is the big challenge here and your wardrobe is quite
possibly disjointed with lots of unique and/or trendy items that sadly
you seldom wear.
If either of these examples are you it's time to take control and start
shopping with style, to make a deliberate decision to cultivate and
maintain a wardrobe that suits your shape, personality and lifestyle. The
idea is that you have so many items that work putting together a flawless
outfit is simple and effortless. The end result - a confidence, beautiful
woman, regardless of her size or shape.
Here are three easy steps to help you take control of your shopping
Step 1. Plan
Go through your wardrobe; every piece that you have. What do you wear
most often? Check that it's in good condition with no holes or stains,
then repair or get rid of anything that's not. Make a list of what needs
replacing. What do you find yourself reaching for but it's just not
there? Put it on the list. What do you have that's sitting there that you
never wear? Why don't you wear it? Can it be altered so you will wear it?
Make the change or get rid of it. Consider your lifestyle, your age, your
personality? What's missing. Add it to the list. Don't forget evening
wear. Everyone goes out sometime and having one or two outfits that you
can dress up or down will save you from expensive and uncomfortable
Step 2. Invest in classics
A stylish wardrobe is made up of classics and trends. Classics (eg a
pencil skirt, straight leg flat front pants, a fitted blazer, a fitted
white shirt) form the basis of your wardrobe. They are the items that you
wear again and again, year after year. They should predominantly be
neutrals (eg black, brown, camel, white, tan) and it's here that you
should invest the bulk of your money. These are the building blocks and
the longer they last, looking fabulous, the better you will look. Good
quality fabrics, cuts and workmanship will last longer, so though they're
more expensive, they're well worth the effort. When you have good quality
pieces it's easy to dress them up or tear them down with cheap, fun and
funky trends and accessories. But you need the quality backdrop first so
always buy the best that you can afford.
Step 3. Stay Focussed
Prioritize your list, most urgent and important to least. Assign the
amount of money you have to spend on each item and when you can do it.
Now it's time to shop. If you're in the I-hate-it-camp work out
strategies to minimize the time spend shopping on each occasion, but
stick to the plan. Don't give in to last minute frustration and just buy
any old thing. It's better to have nothing than something that's wrong.
Building a stylish wardrobe takes time but once the building blocks are
in place minimal shopping will keep you looking fresh and classy. If
you're in the I-love-it camp work out strategies to minimize impulse
buys. Stick to the plan and stick with the budget. Once you've got the
building blocks in place then have a fabulous time shopping for that
special seasoning that is trends.
If you're interested in finding out more about dressing for your body
shape visit Lisa's blog at http://www.bodyshapestyle.com - Lisa is a
writer and researcher with a passion for clothes and shoes in particular.