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									San Diego Real Estate
The real estate climate in San Diego has been experiencing resurgence in
recent years as evidenced by the various opportunities that investors can
take advantage of in San Diego. If you are thinking of investing in real
estate in San Diego, it would be helpful to take a look at the statistics
that are indicative of the performance of the real estate sector in San
Diego, this information can be very helpful in making your investment
2005 performance
In 2005, the average appreciation of the value of houses in San Diego
reached 7.5 percent, and the average price for a home was $575,000 as
compared to only $225,000 in 1999. This number is quite high given that
the appreciation rates of homes usually hover about one percent higher
than inflation. For this period, inflation was only at 3 percent, which
attests to the fact that real estate in San Diego has been experiencing a
boom. For condominiums, the average price increased to 7.8 percent, which
now stands at $385,000. It is quite evident that real estate prices have
risen well above national averages, which means that investors should get
in the market so that they can take advantage of the trend of increasing
real estate prices.
Forecast for 2006
For 2006, it is estimated that the average price of homes will further
increase by 5 to 10 percent and sales will remain stable. Mortgage rates
are also estimated to remain stable at about 6.5 percent, which is
favorable for buyers and investors since a stable interest rate will
reduce the risks involved in financing a real estate purchase.
Given the bright prospects that the San Diego real estate climate has in
the near future, it can be beneficial for investors to explore
opportunities in the county. They can do so by getting the right
information as to the performance and trends of the real estate market in
San Diego. They can also get information from other sources such as
newsletters from realty associations as to their assessment of the market
in San Diego.
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