Underground Hypnosis: Find Your Way Beyond the Critical State of Mind by submitinme


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									Underground Hypnosis: Find Your Way Beyond the Critical State of Mind

In our everyday lives, we meet people of different kinds and interact with them on the basis of the
subject of the conversation and how it helps either of the two parties with the information. Some
conversations are just conversations but certain others have an inner influence on people. This influence
that we talk about here is not completely detectable because they occur with a unique knack of being
concealed under words. Believe it or not Words can do magic. This you may have experienced every
now and then when you find things going your way just because you took efforts in convincing the
person in question into working it out for you. Yes, you may get people to do things with money but
there are some things that you can get it done just with the way you communicate. This methodology is
known as conversational hypnosis. And here we are going to talk about an essential segment of
conversational hypnosis which is known as underground hypnosis.

Conversational hypnosis like the name suggests is an art of creating trance in a given subject using
embedded words in the verbal text such that they can be easily manipulated into doing things they
originally wouldn’t even think of doing. It is a process where the words used are so powerful and
influential that it surpasses the critical mind and reaches the subconscious mind also allowing the
conscious mind to accept it as it is being professed. Underground hypnosis is one such procedure that
falls under the category of conversational hypnosis and is mastered only with dedicated practice and
determination. Special training and skills are to be inculcated by means of professional training to be
able to practice this technique in achieving your goals.

This technique inculcates suggestibility onto the trial subjects where you can put through your thoughts
rather efficiently and make them trust you enough to put those words into action. This methodology
allows you to use certain trigger phrases and words to induce a state of trance on your subjects thus
paving a way for your ideas to reach their subconscious mind and ensure acceptance in a positive way. It
can help the subject achieve something that they were unwilling to accept previously as something that
they were capable of. For example with the use of right commands and by creation of an initial rapport
as well as a circle of trust with your subjects you may easily convince a heavy chain smoker to stop
smoking or to reduce it to some extent. Although it is not as easy as it sounds it needs a lot of practice
and the right amount of self-confidence in order to be capable of making someone take your
instructions seriously. All these can be done without the subject being aware that he/she is being
hypnotized. Underground hypnosis thus can serve varied purposes if manifested well for the betterment
of mankind.

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