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					Massachusetts Real Estate Lawyers
Buying/ selling real estate in Massachusetts can get you into a tangle if
you are not aware of the formalities. This is where a lawyer should come
in to the picture to help you with all the legal aspects, because each
contract or deed you sign is legally binding. This means it has a lot of
legal jargon attached that a lawyer can help you decipher. For instance,
the Massachusetts law puts an obligation on the seller to disclose
certain information to the buyer. Certain information can be withheld
unless the buyer asks for it. The buyer, as well as the seller, should be
specifically aware of their rights and responsibilities before entering
into an agreement.
Massachusetts‟s real estate lawyers help clients in several aspects:
preparation and review of the sale deeds, providing advice on financing
and negotiation, dealing with any litigation, and much more. Everything
from home inspection, to the purchase and sale agreement and the
mortgage/financing aspects can be discussed with a legal expert. The most
important thing the lawyer will do is ensuring that no other person has a
claim to the property. This could be especially difficult with
inheritances, especially where the person/persons concerned are no longer
alive. Real estate contracts are different from other contracts in the
sense the courts can force the execution of the contract under a special
remedy called “specific performance.” Another important concept is the
“Equitable conversion,” under specific performance that says the buyer
becomes an equitable owner of the property even before the delivery of
the deed. The seller remains a holder of the legal title as a security
for the payment. Sometimes, the buyer and seller can disagree on aspects
like repairs, holdback of funds, appliances and built-ins, deposit
amounts, and „use and occupancy‟ agreements. A lawyer can handle all
these problems. Another common real estate problem is “adverse
possession.” It is the process of acquiring title to a property by
occupying it physically for a long time. Such cases are dealt with using
special lawyers at the Land Court.
Ideally, a good Massachusetts real estate lawyer will offer you sound
advice in order to prevent any future problems. There are several legal
firms in Massachusetts, where you can locate a good lawyer. Most of them
can be looked up on the Internet. These companies o have websites where
clients can contact lawyer or request information.
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