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Is a Condo in Norfolk a Good Investment by primusboy


									Is a Condo in Norfolk a Good Investment?
The slumping housing market in Norfolk has many people wondering if size
really matters. Many Norfolk home-owners are trading in their two
stories, multi-bedroom homes for smaller Norfolk condominiums. The
question is whether or not owning a Norfolk condominium is a good
investment. A condominium in Norfolk can be a great investment if the
owner wants convenience, space, and security in re-sale value.
Norfolk condominiums are attractive to single home buyers, retirees and
first time buyers. The convenience of owning a property as opposed to
renting makes buyers feel secure in their investment. The size is also a
pull because of the desire for a larger living space as opposed to an
apartment. Apartments are generally smaller and at an overall more
expensive renting cost.Â
Condominiums in Norfolk, such as Tanners Landing, offer amenities like
boat slips, security, and maintenance to encourage new ownership. Most
Norfolk condominiums are conveniently located to hot spots, such as
downtown Norfolk, Historic Ghent, or the Ocean View beaches.
Norfolk condominiums have held their value as an investment despite
economic hardships. Â In fact, Norfolk condominiums have held their value
more in the last few years than when they first came into play in the
housing market. There are several first time homeowners buying condos
because of the declining housing market, making purchasing a full sized
home an intimidating idea.
Don't let owning a Norfolk condominium pass you by. The demand is high
for newer condominiums, and units are selling fast. Consider a Norfolk
condominium for your next home investment search.Â
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