An Introduction To Myrtle Beach Hotels

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					An Introduction To Myrtle Beach Hotels
South Carolina, with its long coastline boasts a number of tourist
attractions. In fact, Kiawah Island has been voted as one of the most
romantic beaches in the US. Besides beaches, there are number of historic
spots such as Charleston.
Between Little River and Charleston lies the Grand Strand. The Grand
Strand is 60 miles long with pristine beaches, state parks and quaint
fishing villages. The hub of Grand Strand is Myrtle Beach -- famous as a
hot tourist attraction. According to the official tourism website of
South Carolina, Myrtle Beach attracts 12 million visitors annually.
Myrtle Beach derives its name from a shrub that was found during the
early settlement period. The beach is known for its stretch of white sand
and a warm, temperate climate throughout the year. Myrtle Beach is also
known for golf courses. According to an estimate, there are more than 100
courses, making it the golf capital of the world. Myrtle Beach has seen
an explosive growth because of its pleasant climate and golfing.
The growing tourism industry has complimented the growth of the
hospitality industry that caters to every segment of the tourist
population from families, students, budget tourists and the rich. The
hospitality industry has responded to the tourist segments through five
star hotels, condominiums, bed and breakfast hotels and oceanfront hotels
– most with magnificent views. There are around 70,000 hotels in Myrtle
The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Hospitality Association will
provide you with more information about the lodging facilities.
Reservations can be made through online websites and tour operators. Due
to its popularity, it is difficult to find bargains for the better
hotels. However, going to Myrtle Beach websites will give you lots of
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