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									Organic Bedding is a Healthier Choice
Organic bedding is one of the best investments you can make for you and
your family. Many of the sheets sold in stores today are a 50/50 blend –
meaning they are 50% non-organic cotton and 50% polyester. Although the
idea of the blend can be great for the house wife who doesn’t want to
take the time or energy to iron bed sheets, it’s not that great when you
consider that polyester is made from a petrochemical blend. Not exactly
what you want to cozy up to at night.
Not all cotton sheets are made the same either. Farmers use large amounts
of pesticides in most commercially grown cotton. Despite everything that
has been done to protect individuals from these pesticides, the chemicals
are still having an effect on the environment and our lives.
The solution is to look for organic bedding. These products are made from
cotton that is completely chemical free. Due to the surge in popularity
of organic products, organic cotton is now being grown all over the
world. There are even some companies working to develop hybrid cotton
that will be a color other than the traditional white. This will give
people a larger variety with out adding chemicals for coloring.
Not only is organic bedding a good choice for the environment, but the
pure cotton will feel better on the skin of your family. Cotton also
breathes better than a 50/50 blends. This helps to prevent night sweats,
jock itch, athlete’s foot, and other conditions.
The use of organic bedding may take a little more time out of your
schedule, but the health and comfort benefits for you and your family
will be more than worth the trouble. As more people begin to discover the
benefits of organic, the products will become more readily available. For
now, a quick search online will help you find the perfect organic bedding
for your home.
Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer covering environmental issues and
especially the organics industry. She has written various articles on
organic bedding and regularly contributes to the Living Web forums on
organic sheets magazine.

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