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									Kitchen Backsplash Design Tips
If you are a social person that likes style, then you have to take into
consideration the backsplash in your kitchen. It is the focal point of
any eating center. In today's style conscious world the backsplash is
seeing some serious innovation and it is now the perfect place where you
can update your kitchen and look of your home. When designing the
backsplash of your kitchen you must take into consideration every little
detail and below are several tips that you can use to better decide on
how to proceed with your backsplash design: Right Materials Backsplashes
in the kitchen have always shown to be made from one or two materials.
The most popular being either porcelain of ceramic tile.
Over the past five years or so there has been an up swell in styles in
these two materials. Colors and styles are now completely customizable.
Regardless of the color, size or shape there is a solution for you and
your tastes. These materials are very easy to clean making them in demand
and very desirable. What is more important is they can be purchased
online for store pick-ups or directly at the store. There is a reason why
porcelain and ceramic tiles has been the number one seller for
backsplashes for decades. Do not think you are saddled with these two
choices though. Glass tile is very popular and growing in popularity
because it is cheap and very easy to clean. You can find them in mosaic
or field sizes. The colors that you can get in glass are beautiful and
subtle and make for deep accents in your design scheme.
Natural Stone is a beautiful accent piece especially if you have marble
countertops. They also make great flooring solutions. Easy to clean, soft
and malleable the natural stone makes a great choice if you are going for
upscale urban. The third choice for style is metal. The choice of
professional kitchens, great designers, and the person looking to
differentiate their home from others. Metal offers easy cleaning, no
staining and a neutral accent. Metal tile is very nice, however, not just
due to ease of cleaning but because you can press it into any design you
may wish to give your kitchen its very own personality.
Decorative metal wall tile can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or any
room in the house. Metal comes in a wide variety of choices from Bronze
to Stainless Steel to Pewter. Metal wall tile is becoming the preferred
material to add something special to your home. Color & Décor Your
backsplash material should be chosen based on the rest of your kitchen.
It's important that your backsplash is suitable for your design scheme be
your color, décor or both. Keep in mind all of your fixtures as well.
Your lighting and faucets will all play a part in your backsplash design
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