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									Home Decor - A Guide to Wall Tapestries
Today's larger homes and open floor plans are perfect for wall
tapestries. Once the hallmark of mansions and castles, wall tapestries
offer today's homeowner a terrific design solution that adds beauty,
warmth and charm to the home.
Selecting the perfect wall tapestry for your home is an easy and
enjoyable process, if you follow these simple guidelines.
Unlike a painting, a wall tapestry demands attention. So you want to
select a location before you start shopping for a size, subject or style.
You want to select a wall that doesn't get a lot of direct light or
constant sunlight. Direct sun can cause the threads to weaken and fade
the color of wall hangings over time.
Once you have a location in mind, you can decide on the rough dimensions
for the wall tapestry. A tall and thin wall space will look better with a
vertical work while a large wall space may look better with a horizontal
piece. Scale is very important in wall or home decor. A general rule of
thumb is that a tapestry can occupy up to 80% of the wall (you can't do
that with a painting!). You don't want to get a wall tapestry that is too
small or too large for the wall you have in mind.
Subject Matter
The subject of the wall art tapestry is a matter of personal taste. There
are an endless selection of styles - scenic, still life, heroic deeds,
mythology, Medieval, portraits, castles, landmarks and a myriad of more
contemporary designs and themes. When selecting the subject matter, be
sure you factor in the palette of colors used. You don't want to select a
design where the colors clash with your existing furnishings and wall
Time to Buy
Now that you found the wall tapestry that fits your taste and your color
scheme, it's time to buy. Most tapestries come in several sizes so you
can select the one that most closely fits your wall dimensions. When
selecting a vendor, you want to find a reputable one who can answer your
questions, help you narrow your selections and provide you with the ideal
size for your wall.
Most wall art tapestries come with a tunnel that you can thread a hanging
rod through. This allows you to easily hang your tapestry, much like you
would a curtain. Once you have your tapestry in place, you want to give
it the proper lighting. A repositionable ceiling fixture or track
lighting works well for lighting any wall tapestry, large or small. If
that's not possible, a floor lamp or even a table lamp may give the wall
tapestry enough dramatic lighting, especially if the room has some
indirect natural light filtering in.
No matter which wall tapestry you choose for decorating your home
interior, you can be sure that it will quickly become a focal point for
your decor that few other works of art can match. The rich textures,
vibrant colors and dramatic scale of these tapestries are as inspiring as
they are beautiful.
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