As we start a new school year it is by ryy82944


									  As we start a new school year it is time to    Despite the wetter summer weather we
update all our friends and supporters with       worked and played outside in our garden
what has been happening at Cobnuts since         every day, using the saved rainwater for the
our last newsletter in February. So this         vegetable patches, and to sail homemade
Newsletter includes a look back at our last 2    boats on the sandpit cover. Some of the
terms, as well as a look forward to this         older children learned to climb up into one of
term’s activities.                               the trees, where a whole new array of
                                                 imaginative games unfolded.
Kindergarten Report,
                                                 At the end of the summer term we said
Easter and Summer                                goodbye to Elloise, Fletcher, Jordan, Maela
terms by Sue                                     and Sol, all of whom moved on to school. We
   It was a happy and busy time in               miss them but look forward to seeing them at
kindergarten in the lead up to Easter,           future events at the kindergarten. Thanks
planting grassy lenten gardens, and making       must also go to the parents, for all their
woolly pom-pom animals We also had an array      support, enthusiasm and kindness over the
of brightly coloured blown eggs hanging on       year.
branches to decorate the room.
The warm weather at Easter meant we could                       Easter Picnic
enjoy picnics and stories, and longer times
                                                 by Claire
outside for the children to play.
                                                     An Easter picnic was organised by the
                                                 kindergarten parents. A lovely afternoon was
    Seeds were sown and the vegetable            enjoyed by the children and their families at
patches were planted out later on with           the Fant Wildlife Nature Reserve. A picnic
climbing beans, courgettes, pumpkins and         lunch was followed by paddling in the stream,
squash. We were also lucky enough to             fishing for tadpoles, climbing trees and an
receive extra plants from parents, adding
                                                 Easter egg hunt. Everyone had a lovely time
potatoes, tomatoes, onions and leeks to the
                                                 and it was early evening before people went
list. Over the summer the children took
great care
tending to the plants, and we were
rewarded with vegetables to add to our
homemade soups.
    Some of us took a trip to Aylesford Priory   Earlier Entry Age to
one morning, to feed the ducks and have a        Cobnuts
walk. The children enjoyed exploring and                               by Christopher
playing in the grounds there, plus a rather           In the Spring the Cobnuts committee
windswept picnic, and a visit to the pottery,    decided that we may be missing out on
where our kindergarten crockery was made.        potential recruits because parents are
                                                 choosing where to send their children at an
earlier and
earlier stage.    Cobnuts Kindergarten
taking very
young children
is not ideal
from a Steiner perspective we felt it would       with other friends.
                  September 2007                     There were certainly plenty of photo
be better for young children to be with us
than with any other sessional provider.           opportunities for the visiting Kent
We therefore decided to make a Variation          Messenger photographer, and the pictures
Request to Ofsted asking for registration to      that subsequently appeared in the paper
take children from 2 ½ years.                     were very appealing, and presented a good
                                                  window into the Cobnuts kindergarten world.
Easier said than done. After several letters,       It was lovely to meet up with some familiar
emails, an Action Plan and a formal inspection    friends and families connected to the
visit we finally received notification that our   project, as well as welcome some that are
request had been granted. Indeed Ofsted           new to us. Refreshments were bountiful as
went further by registering us for children       usual, and thanks again to the recorder group
from the age of 2 years.                          members for playing during the afternoon.

So if you know anyone with young children                            Publicity             by
please let them know that we can be far more
flexible about the starting date for their
                                                           The publicity and activities group
                                                  has been very busy over this year, organising
                                                  and publicising open days and festivals at
                                                  Cobnuts. We have revamped our website
                                                  which is now regularly updated and has a lot
                                                                                  of photos.
                                                                                  Please do
  May Festival                   by Tansy                                         visit it on
   We had beautiful weather for our May                                           www.cobnuts
Festival, which made the garden a very                                            kindergarten.
enticing space to be in. The children wore                              
flowered head wreaths that they had made,                                         Nathalie has
and looked like beautiful spring fairies                                          been the main
running about. When it came to the Maypole        person doing the website (with some
dancing, every ribbon was taken by children       assistance from Jacky
ranging in ages from 2 - 8 years old. It was      and Tansy) and we are
really lovely for the kindergarten children       very grateful for this.
(and adults!) to be able to share this activity   We have invested some
of the publicity budget in new leaflets and       Events
posters, as we are always looking to spread
the word and recruit new children to the          Saturday 29th September 2.30pm
kindergarten. Anyone who knows of a               Michaelmas festival
suitable place to display leaflets or a poster,
please let us know. Greta has been looking        Tuesday 9th October 10.30 at
after the cobnuts notice board in the             Maidstone Museum 'The Giant Turnip'
Blackthorn Medical Centre, which is now very      Story and craft activity for children up to 6
attractive and has received many                  years.
compliments. The publicity and activities
                                                  Wednesday 10th October 8pm AGM
group meets regularly and all are welcome to
                                                  of Cobnuts Steiner Kindergarten. All

                                                  Thursday 18th October 8pm.Talk on
Parent and Toddler                                Steiner Early Years Education by Dr
                                                  Bodo Gottschalk. Back by popular
Groups                                            demand! Contribution of £3 requested
                               by Zoe
      Our parent and child groups are             Sunday 11th November 4pm
continuing to blossom and flourish. In            Martinmas Lantern Walk. Bring your own
particular the Wednesday morning sessions         candle lantern (if you have one) and come and
                                                  join in this festival.
have been a success. We decided to try a
morning session as many parents with very
                                                  Sunday 2nd December 3.45pm at the
young children found the afternoons               Blackthorn Medical Centre
difficult to attend.                              Advent Spiral. A lovely family festival
 The children coming to the Wednesday             marking the beginning of advent. A spiral of
morning sessions have all become firm             candlelight is slowly built up in our advent
friends. They have enjoyed playing in the         garden. Music, a story and refreshments. A
                                                  peaceful start to the preparation for Christmas.
garden together, joining in with the craft
activities, and of course sharing snack time.
 The Wednesday session is currently held at
a parent’s house. It is due to relocate,
hopefully after the October half term, to
the portacabin in the Blackthorn Garden. We
will of course keep everybody updated on the
progress on this.

           Forthcoming                            The Old Dairy, Sutton Road, Langley. Tel
                                                  861113 Farm shop and organic box scheme .
Health Matters, Star Arcade, Maidstone           Tyland Barn

Kent Cloth Nappy Network                         Iden Croft Herb Garden

Luddesdown Organic Farm, 01474 815044            Maidstone Library and surrounding branch
(box scheme)                                     libraries

Churn Farm, Churn Lane, Horsmonden Tel           Forstal Holistic Health, 35B High Street,
01892 722577                                     Headcorn, tel 892266

Mole End Farms, Hartleylands Farm,               The Paean Centre, Mangravet Ave, Tel
Cranbrook. Tel 01580 720319 ( Farmers            340059
Markets in Yalding, Tunbridge Wells, Penshurst
and West Malling)                                Pendleburys   Opticians,    Pudding    Lane,
Una's Barn,High Street, Headcorn. Centre for
'sustainable Headcorn'.                          Teston Farm Shop

Micha Kennard, Homoeopath Tel 730526             Hadlow Farm Shop

Christine Tsavellas,       Homoeopath       in   Parmar’s   Newsagents,     Tonbridge   road,
Rochester Tel 01634 842583                       Barming

B- pro-active Healthcare, 22 Church St,          Yalding Organic Garden
                                                 Maidstone Farmers Market
King Street Therapy Rooms, West Malling
Tel 01732 220134                                 Blackthorn Cafe

Ralph Evans Herbalists, Tel 01732 871818

Aylesford Osteopath Practice Tel 710536

Medway Osteopathy Clinic, 36 City Way,
Rochester Tel: 01634 814700

Mollycoddles, 44 High St, Rochester Tel:
01634 848895

European School of Osteopathy, Tonbridge
Road, Maidstone

Museum of Kent Life

Capstone Park

Riverside Country Park

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