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									Decorating Large Wall Spaces With Tapestries
With the growth of new homes constructed with large wall spaces and high
vaulted ceilings, it can be difficult to decide how to decorate these
areas. Many home owners have discovered the idea of a large wall
tapestry. The walls of your home are one of the main focuses one sees
while entering a room or foyer. Having empty large wall spaces diminishes
the charm of a room and creates a less than inviting appearance.
Tapestries have been used for ages to fill large areas and also to add
warmth and color to a room. Tapestries from old world designs to modern
day designs can help fill these open spaces perfectly.
When choosing what type tapestry will fit nicely, one must decide the
dimensions of the wall space. Is there more horizontal space to fill or
vertical space? Remember that a poor fitting wall hanging can look worse
than an open space. You want to have sufficient bordering of the wall
surrounding your wall hanging, so as not to cover the entire wall. The
tapestry would be a focal point and not a total covering of the wall
space. At the same time too small of a wall hanging can look too isolated
and lost. Always allow at least a "framework" of wall around the
For foyer areas with long and thin wall spaces, Portiere tapestries can
fit perfectly. Most are less than three feet wide and up to 80 inches
long. Many Portieres can be purchased in matching pairs or pairs that
compliment each other.
For wider areas, horizontal tapestries come in a wide range of styles and
most popular are landscape scenes. From European country sides to Tuscan
scenes, the tapestry industry offers a wide selection.
Stairways with vaulted ceiling would benefit from large longer than wider
wall tapestry. Most popular ones range from 50 inch plus across and 70
inch plus long.
A wall tapestry should be hung 1/1/2 to 2/1/2 inches away from wall to
avoid moisture buildup. Modern day tapestries are generally not intended
for heating purposes as in medieval days, so hanging right up against a
wall is not necessary and may only ruin the wall hanging.
And finally, choosing a hanging rod with decorative finials, and adding
tassels creates an artistic look.
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