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									50s Style Home Decorating
The world has fallen in love with the style of decorating that was
popular in the early and mid nineteen fifties.
We've all got to admit that part of the charm of the 50s style home
decorating is most likely that we're longing for a bit of a simpler time.
Life in the fifties was a great deal like what we see on shows like Leave
it To Beaver, where June wore the apron, the floors sparkled with wax and
the kitchen was the heart of the home, filled with charm and
While we can't supply the charm and dated appeal to your home, we can
advise you in ways and things to use to help your kitchen and the rest of
your home sparkle with that 50s style home decorating flash. The fifties
were a time when things were a bit simpler. Gas was the method of choice
for cook tops, stoves had these marvelous legs, kitchen floors were quite
often multicolored tiles or linoleum and dishes were decent glass ware or
Chunky kitchen lamps, bright colors, incredible textures and outrageous
styles made up part of the fifties, with a dose of movie star glamour
reminiscent of Lucille Ball in "I Love Lucy," and a little elegance on
the side.
The décor of the fifties really had it all. The remarkable resurgence in
that style of decorating isn't surprising then is it, because there were
so many methods of decorating and so many different things that could fit
in well and be useful besides.
A few things that you might seek out and add to your 50s style home
decorating will be some that were common fixtures in the homes of the
Some of the older pedal cars or the tin toys will serve well for
additions to the living room or a child's room
For that kitchen which is going to reflect your 50's style home
decorating skills, you're going to need small toasters in the chrome
variety, a waffle iron sitting on the counter, a few of those lovely
reproduction enamel ware items such as the canister sets, a bread box and
a soap dish, not to mention some vintage or reproduced metal signs such
as coke, or the various items for sale in the mid fifties.
If you really want to go for broke in your 50's style home decorating,
then take a walk around the internet and find the fabrics and styles that
were in play at that time. Reproductions of the stoves of the era,
complete with all the modern conveniences of today can be found to outfit
your kitchen in just the right style. Expect to pay a bit more for them
than the normal modern appliance, however the look that you get, the bold
colors and bright gleaming chromes will be well worth your time and
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