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									Skiing, Snowboarding, Winter Vacationing, and Honeymoon Travel in the
Ski vacations in the Alps are popular because the snowy mountains provide
the perfect getaway, whether you are coming from another part of Europe
or half way across the world. Many resorts include restaurants, general
stores, pedestrian-friendly grounds, and dozens of different family
activities, and honeymoon specials. Have you ever experienced the
unparalleled comfort and hospitality of staying in one of the world's
finest luxury ski resorts? That is something you may want to consider.
Top luxury resorts such as Neilson Active Holidays offer luxury packages
that are designed to include
A welcome champagne reception
Hearty cooked breakfast, or continental breakfast
Daily snack pack for when you're on the slopes
Afternoon tea with freshly baked cakes, cookies, tea and 'vin chaud'
Aperitif and pre-dinner nibbles
Four course evening meal six nights a week
A selection of wines with dinner
Fresh coffee and mints after your evening meal
Luxury bathrobes, slippers, cosy duvets, toiletries and hair dyers in
every bedroom
This is something to consider if your budget allows, but if not, there is
still much fun to be had even with the most basic of budgets. There are
numerous magnificent ski chalets and spectacular ski holiday resorts
found across the Alps that you can experience on the basic budget, or a
luxury travel vacation or honeymoon. Some resorts are within easy reach
of the coast, so you can be skiing in the morning and s oaking up the sun
on a Mediterranean beach in the afternoon. You will find that just as
every traveler has a unique personality, so do ski resorts.
Ski resorts are often more than skiing?
When most people think of ski resorts, they naturally picture mountains
full of fresh fallen snow and people huddled around a roaring fire
enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. People out side dressed in winter -wear, ski
caps, skiers wearing goggles with ski poles in hands, some careening out
of control while others showing perfect control zig zag seemingly
effortlessly down the slopes. These are valid scenes, but the truth is
that very many modern ski resorts offer far more than just skiing, such
as: snowtubing, iceskating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobile
tours and dog sledding, plus, Olympic style and cross-country skiing,
bowling, movie watching, and more. Some may also enjoy the "sport" of
people watching. Spending their time enjoying the antics of those that
play in the snow, both young and old alike. Whatever yo u particular
activity niche, it is certain there is lots of life and activity at a
winter resort. Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy provide the widest
range of skiing and snowboarding conditions found in the world with
breathtaking vertical drops. Surely such scenes are are in the hearts of
many a credit to the Creator of all things. But with the awe inspiring
beauty of the winter mountainous setting needs to come the acceptance of
personal responsibility. Any one, or a group of these sports can offer
great pleasure, but with that fun the vacationer needs to have safety in
mind because of the possibility of injury. The participants in the
disciplines of skiing and snowboarding must realize that these sports
have many dangers, and it is their responsibility to understand and
accept them before participating.
There is no question that resorts in the Alps are among the "who's who"
of European skiing and snowboarding, attracting international acclaim
with royalty and celebrities as regular visitors. To meet royalty on a
ski adventure can be an added plus for those among us who are the "rank
and file" of life. Most of the ski resorts in the Alps are located in
high mountain areas which offer the best snow coverage. Of major concern
are an increasing number of days where it's too warm for snow to stay
frozen. "You can make snow if it's cold enough, but you can't make cold,"
quoting Charles Shepard, CEO of Hoodoo Mountain Resort. Switzerland has
230 resorts, 85% of which are classified as snow -reliable. The term snow-
reliable includes areas where the snow line is above 4000 feet. It is
projected that snow could become unreliable at 5000 feet or more in the
next 30 to 50 years, dropping the number of snow -reliable resorts in
Switzerland to 63% (The Guardian, Dec. 3, 2003). In Italy, the guess is
that only resorts higher than 5000 feet will be snow-reliable.
Money saving tips
You can save money at ski resorts by going online and signing up with
them. You can also save money by staying in the middle of the week rather
than over the weekend. Other tips might be to avoid the bar, or to take
your own snacks when you are going on the slopes. Snacks can take the
form of energy bars which can be easily carried in the pockets of your
clothing. A few micro-waveable meals can take the place of the more
expensive restaurant food. There are always ways to save on the budget if
one puts their mind to it, which can help pay for the major expenses of
both air and ground travel. Thus, making the dream winter vacation a
doable reality for lower budget vacationers and honeymooners alike.
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