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What is a Yeast Infection Symptoms and Treatment of Yeast Infections


									What is a Yeast Infection? Symptoms and Treatment of Yeast Infections
Yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of the fungus Candida. This
happens when there is a disturbance to the internal balance of
microorganisms in the body. By recognizing symptom s and causes, we can
better understand treatment and prevention.
Types of yeast infection
There are several different types of yeast infection. There are over
twenty different species of Candida. Any part of the body that is warm
and moist is a likely place for yeast to thrive. In babies, there is
diaper rash and thrush.
What are the symptoms
Yeast infection is characterized by itching and burning, particularity at
urination. Signs of a vaginal yeast infection are characterized by a
white discharge that resembles cottage cheese. The over growth of yeast
irritates the area around the vagina, and can be very painful.
Babies can have oral infection called thrush. White patches on the tongue
or in the mouth characterize this. Thrush can cause extreme discomfort in
babies, causing them to be restless and fretful. A baby that has thrush
should see a doctor for an appropriate medication.
Babies and nursing mothers who are taking antibiotics are more
susceptible to yeast problems
What causes yeast infection
Taking antibiotics can cause yeast infection by destroying good bacteria
and allowing yeast to multiply. A good hot soak in the tub after a days
work is a good way to unwind. Just be careful about putting certain bath
products in your water. The perfumes in soaps and hygiene sprays, or
toilet paper that is colored or scented can increase your risk of yeast
Frequent douching will also destroy good bacteria and allow an overgrowth
of yeast.
It is thought that stress and lack of sleep can also brin g on a yeast
Yeast infection seems to increase in frequency as we age.
Under normal circumstances, yeast infection is not dangerous, even though
at times it is very uncomfortable and painful. There are several
different methods of treatment. There are antifungal medicines in the
form of creams, as well as oral medications that are taken by mouth.
There are over the counter products that are quite effective. Drinking
cranberry juice and eating yogurt are also good preventive measures.
Chances are you can prevent or limit bouts of yeast infections by being
aware of what things brings on an attack.
Avoid overuse of douches, scented hygiene products and wear loose cotton
underwear that keeps your skin dry.
Change out of damp clothing as soon as possible. Tight panty hose,
leotards and pants can cut off airflow. Limit the time you wear these as
much as possible.
Learn to handle stress and get plenty of sleep.
If your yeast infection keeps coming back see your doctor. This cou ld be
a sign of a serious illness such as leukemia, diabetes, or some other
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