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									Sailing Holidays in Greece
Sailing in Greece offers visitors the chance to discover the hidden
splendor of Greece & the Greek Islands. Experience the luxury of sailing
in the warm turquoise waters of Greece and explore hidden coves on remote
Greek islands.

Drop anchor in a secluded bay and sunbath on untouched sandy beaches that
can only be reached by boat. Picture yourself diving off your yacht into
crystal clear waters of the Aegean or enjoying your afternoon meal on
deck, then relax and have a cool drink in the midday heat listening to
the waves gently splashing against the keel.

Many people have the misconception that chartering a yacht in Greece may
be well over their budget but in reality the total cost (depending on the
type of yacht you charter) may end up about the same if not less.

Take in to consideration the total costs for hotel accommodation, ferry,
airline tickets, car rental, dining out etc... If your thinking taking
the whole family along on vacation then a yacht charter is definitely
worth it.

Another good reason to charter a yacht in Greece is if you plan on doing
some Greek island hopping, then you can visit more islands at your own
pace. You don't have to worry about not finding a hotel, missing your
ferry or flight. You control where you want and when you want.

What type of yacht should I charter?
The type of yacht you choose depends on what you want, a motor yacht
offers more space, privacy, luxury & comfort as well as all the extra
goodies such as jet skis, scuba & fishing gear, chef, and hostess and
will get you where you want to go fast.

A sailing yacht on the other hand brings to mind the true meaning of
sailing in Greece. This is an ideal choice for the adventurous type who
wants to enjoy the full pleasures of sailing. Although they are slower
and more economical to charter they are limited in space, and fewer

A good yacht charter company can help you plan your sailing holiday in
Greece, choose your own custom itinerary and select the right type of
yacht for your sailing vacation in Greece.
So leave your troubles behind and prepare yourself for carefree sailing
holidays in Greece

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