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									Sailing For Me
When I was young, I had a keen interest in swimming. In the 1965 in my
primary school graduating years, I started to learn swimming. However,
there was no coaches (my family could not afford one) to teach the
basics. Well, I learnt from other swimmers in the public swimming pools.
I merely mimic other swimmers who look like they were swimming correctly.
I went to the National Library and laid my hands on all books related to
swimming. Eventually, I began to swim quite competently.
I had some serious training only when I was in secondary one. I joined
the school swimming training squad. I also joined some of my friends in
Chinese Swimming Club in their water-polo training. I enjoyed water
sports very much. I recalled, thrice a week, after a hectic days in
school, changed quickly and straight to the pool after a quick dinner.
Having confidence in the water, I also started to explore other activity
like sailing. But in the 1970s, sailing is not popular in Singapore. I
had registered for s sailing course conducted by the Changi PA (People's
Association). There is a pre-requisite test where the swimmer had to swim
about 100m into the open sea to a sailing boat. The swimmer had to swim
with life jacket and on reaching the boat, climbed unaided int o the boat.
Thereafter, he had to swim back to shore. I passed the test without any
problem. To my dismay, the waiting list for the actual sailing course is
about 6 months away.
As the school days were very busy, gradually I lost touch with sailing.
Nevertheless, I continue to swim regularly. In the 1980s, sailing became
more popular. More clubs were running sailing courses. I quickly
registered for my first sailing course conducted by the SAFYC (Singapore
Armed Forces Yacht Club) at the Sembawang Clubhous e.
The course was conducted on the Lark. My brother (who is also a keen
swimmer) and I were paired as a team. After two weekends, a theory test
and practical test was conducted. My brother and I passed the test
without any problem.
I then went on to learn to sail other boats, like the Topper, Laser,
Laser Byte, Laser Pico and Nacra. I picked up my sailing skills whilst
sailing with a group of enthusiastic sailors at the East Coast Sea Sports
Centre. There were in-house races once a month. I participated in these
races and also picked up some racing tips and skills.
It has been six years since my first sailing course, but my enthusiasm is
still very strong. I sailed regularly at the SAFYC. In fact, I had also
obtained my PPCDL (Private Pleasure Craft License) issued by the MPA
(Maritime Authority of Singapore). I had also crewed in some keelboats in
a few keelboat races conducted by the Club.
I had enjoyed sailing very much that I had started a blog to share my
experience. Here is the link to know more about Singapore sailing news,
I am passionate about sailing and wish to share this experience

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