Tips For Hitting In Youth Baseball

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					Tips For Hitting In Youth Baseball
How did Babe Ruth, Micky Mantle Blast the Ball farther than Mark McGuire
and Sammy Sosa?
Batting drills can be fun, practice has to be done but in the long run
hands, wrists, and forearms need to be strong to develop a quick swing
and result in hitting the ball hard. This will not only help your child
or team hit the ball harder with more control of the bat , but also
prepare them for high school baseball. Here is a simple inexpensive way
to do just that.
1) Tennis Ball - Have some tennis balls around the house and especially
in your childsroom. While your youth baseball player is watching t.v. or
waiting on his turn to play a video game he can be squeezing the tennis
ball building the muscles on the hand , wrist , and forearms .
Sure you can buy exercise equipment for this but don't waste the money.
This will provide enough resistance for what your child or team needs to
(Bonus) Wrist roller - You can also take a rod (old broomstick handle
will work) The rod needs to be 15 or 16 inches long with a hole drilled
in the middle. Take some thin rope, run one end thruough the hole and tie
a knot or two in it so it will not fall through. Leave a few inches past
the rope for adjustments later. Take the other end and tie to a brick or
weight. The rope should be long enough the weighted object rests on the
ground but will lift when the youth baseball player rolls his wrists. The
youth baseball player will hold the rod palms up and rolls his wrists.
This mechanism is adjustable with the rope as the child grows
or you can tie on different weights.
2) Repetition - Simply put, It takes swings. Hitting off the tee, Soft
Toss and some live batting practice. These three can be done at home or
at off practice times to increase hitting performance. As a coach of
youth baseball practice it would be great to set up one day just for
hitting and have some volunteers help and move kids from stations. A tee
station. A soft Toss station, a live free hitting station.
Coaches, be sure and tell your kids and parents about the tennis ball.
Several will do it. And if you do a repetition station day and tell the
parents this is what they can work on at home..many will do that. After
all everyone loves to hit the ball, or at least see their son do it. This
will be a great step toward the coaches team (or your child) hitting the
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Author- Brian McClure
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