Choosing the Right Baseball Camp

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					Choosing the Right Baseball Camp
The following camp features will guide you as a parent in making a
decision about what is the right baseball camp or clinic for your child.
6:1 player to coach ratio; anything less does not give the campers enough
individual attention.
At least one adult baseball coach for every college or high school player
working the camp. Most camps will hire college or high school level
ballplayers to help the lead instructors.
Make sure the camp has some form of insurance coverage. Injuries are
inevitable; don't let those costs come out your pocket if your child
happens to get injured.
Check out the facilities. Is the facility adequate in size for the number
of campers expected?
Make sure you know what the camp will do in the event of rain.
Be wary of out of town organizations. There are scams out there.
Video analysis. Does the camp do any type of video analysis for its
participants? This is a feature that is extremely valuable to the
learning experience of the player.
Stay away from camps that have more than 50 campers. These camps often
emphasize quantity over quality. Your ballplayer will receive much more
individual instruction in a smaller venue which focuses on the experience
of the camper and not making money.
Baseball camps are great for kids. A well run camp will teach
ballplayers, not only the necessary skills, but also how to respect the
game. Hopefully, after your child attends a baseball camp or clinic,
he'll leave as a better ballplayer and develop a greater love for the
Coach Steve Rau is a long time pitching instructor and co-founder of Play
Ball Academy. He has been analyzing pitchers and hitters for a number of
years and has helped a number of ballplayers become successful college
and professional players.
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