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									  What You Need To Know
 About Federal Work Study:
A Handbook for USF Students

                 Updated by Cynthia Newhouse
Welcome to the World of Federal Work
Study…Understanding the Basics!

  Federal Work Study (FWS) is money provided to
         y            p
  USF by the U.S. Department of Education in order
  to create jobs, mostly on-campus, for USF students.

  The purpose of the FWS program is to provide
  students with employability skills while
  simultaneously earning money in order to defray
  educational and living costs.

  In order to earn wages, students must accept their
  award and then find and obtain a FWS job.
FWS Basics (cont’d)

     FWS funds are:
      –            y
          Awarded by financial aid
             (University Scholarships and Financial Aid Services office)
      –   Earned by the student from work done on the job
      –   Dependent upon:
                hours worked
                rate of pay
                hiring department’s spending authority

Note: students are not guaranteed to earn the full amount of their award
How Do Students Apply for FWS?

 Students apply for FWS by completing a Free
 Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and
 indicating they are interested in FWS in question
 number 31.
 Students must complete their FAFSA by the March
 1st priority deadline before each Fall semester.
 St d t must complete all requirements in order to
 Students       t      l t ll      i      t i     d t
 be awarded FWS. See OASIS for any unsatisfied
 requirements or click here for a “How To” guide.
I’m Awarded, Now What?

 If students choose to take advantage of their FWS award,
 –   They must accept the award in OASIS by the end of the 1st week of
 For instructions on how to accept an award, visit the
 USFAS website here.
 In order to earn an FWS award, students must find a
 position and begin working by the end of the 3rd week of
 Since departments are required to post their FWS job
 openings in USF Career Center’s online job listing service,
 Career Connections, students must create an account to
     l for      j b
 apply f FWS jobs.
Finding your FWS Job

 FWS students can search and apply for FWS jobs for FREE
 To apply for an FWS job on campus students must create
 an account in Career Connections:
  1.   Provide a print-out of the FWS Award from OASIS
  2.   Sign a “Resume Release Form”
  3                                             Center
       Submit both documents to the USF Career Center, located in SVC Room 2088
           Note: Access to Career Connections will occur by 5pm next business day from submitting documents

 Once an account is activated, students must upload a
 resume in order to search for jobs
  –    Tip: You can choose not to make your resume viewable to employers if you
       want to first seek feedback on your resume. For feedback, schedule an
       appointment with the FWS Advisor by calling (813) 974-2171.
                                   Connections        here.
 For more information about Career Connections, click here
Need to create a resume
but unsure where to start?

 Take advantage of the resume writing resources at the USF
 Career Center:
  –   Schedule a meeting with the FWS Advisor
          (813) 974-2171
  –   Review our Resume Help materials
  –   Come to our Career Resource Room
          View numerous resume books equipped with a variety of
  –   Try our convenient “Resume Live Support”
          M – F 1pm to 2pm; Look for          on on our website
Ready to create an account?

Go to www.career.usf.edu and click on “Career Connections”
(Note: you will be able to create your account by 5pm the next business day from
when you submit your FWS award & Resume Release Form to the Career Center.)
Career Connections

Select “USF Students & Alumni”
Career Connections

View tutorial for first-time users OR begin by entering username & password
(Note: must have completed a Resume Release form before beginning)


                                                                           Complete email address
                                                                     Last 4 digits of USF ID #
Career Connections

Once logged-in, create your profile and upload your resume
 y         g
by following instructions
Career Connections

Then, wait until after 5pm the next business day and you can
search for jobs!
Career Connections

Review job listings & follow directions for application process
Career Connections

 For some postings, you can submit your resume/application
 via Career Connections!
Selection Process

 Hiring Departments will determine who to interview based upon the
  pp             y
 applications they receive.
 Students should expect to be contacted by the Departments to which they
 apply and be mindful of the following while communicating:
  –   Keep track of the jobs to which they apply in order to give a good impression when
       n rin the phone/email
      answering th ph n / m il
  –   Be prepared to answer questions about availability
  –   Be prepared to interview immediately
             g p                              ,
 Once a Hiring Department has made a selection, the candidate will need to:
  –   Ask supervisor about the paperwork needed for first day
  –   Meet with employer to:
          sign up on University payroll
          receive a timesheet
          determine a work schedule
          review expectations of position
What is the rate of pay for FWS?

 The recommended salary range for FWS positions
 is divided into three categories
  –   General Support: $7.50-$9.00 (courier, physical
      labor/moving/setup, athletic assistant, general office,
      library assistant)
  –   Reading Tutors/Community Service: $9.00-$10.00*
      (America Reads program, non profit community-based
      programs, ENLACE
      programs ENLACE, College Link)
  –   Specialists and Technicians: $7.50-$12.00* (computer
      programming/data base systems, lab/research assistant)

  *Very few FWS students are paid on the high end of these ranges unless sufficient
     justification based on nature of work, experience and/or skills is evident.
What to Know Once You Have Been Hired

 Negotiate start date with potential supervisor
 Discuss award, wage, and h
 Di           d                           k ih        i
                          d hours per week with supervisor.
 Ask if the employing department has enough funds to cover
 entire amount of award
 Keep track of earnings and monitor how much of the award
  –      it looks lik h      d ill          b f     l    d h f ll i
      If i l k like the award will run out before planned, the following
      can happen (case by case basis):
           Employment is terminated
           Supervisor arranges to pay you from the department budget
Rules, Rules, Rules…

 Students can be fired from their FWS job if they are not
          g      g      p     p                 job.
 fulfilling the agreed upon expectations of the j
  –   As a University employee, FWS students are granted the same rights as any other
      employee. If FWS studnets have a problem with their office they should
      communicate with their supervisor. If they feel theirr rights have been violated, they
      should contact Human Resources and/or the Office of Diversity and Equal
  –   Most FWS students really enjoy their jobs and develop lasting relationships with the
      people in their office
 Students cannot work more than 20 hours a week except
 during           ll   t     i d f th i tit ti Thi i
 d i non-enrollment periods of the institution. This is
 limited to the approved breaks between the last day of all
 scheduled classes for all students between Fall and Spring,
 Spring and Summer and Summer and Fall. If students work
 too much, they could run out of money too soon!
Rules, Rules, Rules Continued…

 You must find your FWS job by the end of the first 3 weeks of school
    y                             y
 or your award will be cancelled by the USFAS.
  –   On a case by case basis, a student’s award may be reinstated if they consult
      their financial aid advisor
          If the student has a job offer and their award has been cancelled, they can ask
          their supervisor to write a letter to financial aid verifying their job offer
 Any unused money from an award will remain with the USFAS.
 USFAS makes Summer Student Employment (SSE) awards available
 based on institutional and financial aid fee funds and has a separate
 awarding process for this. Contact the USFAS for more information on
 awarding 813-974-4700.
 You must be enrolled on a half-time basis (at least 6 semester hours)
  –   If you drop a class or fall below the required hours, your appointment will
      be terminated
Need more assistance?

 Resume critiques, interviewing tips, or assistance
  i h h job        h              ff d by h SF
 with the j b search process are offered b the USF
 Career Center:
  –   C nt t our r pti ni t at 813.974.2171 to schedule an
      Contact r receptionist t 813 974 2171 t       h d l n
      appointment with our Student and Employer Relations
      Coordinator and she will be happy to assist you with
      your job search!
Questions? We are Here for You!
 If you have any concerns or
 questions regarding:
  –   Job      h/
      J b search/resume
      writing/Career Connections,
      contact the Career Center
      813.974.2171, SVC 2088
  –   Award/money contact the
      University Scholarships and
      Financial Aid Services
      813.974.4700, SVC 1102
  –   Paycheck, contact Payroll at
      813 974 8401, SVC 2172
      813.974. 8401
      (loc. SVC 0067)
  –   Employment paperwork or
      personnel issues, contact Human
                    813 974 2970
      Resources at 813.974.2970,
      SVC 2172

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