Lesson Plan with Technology Inte by wuyunyi


									                                    Lesson Plan for Henrico 21 Awards

Teacher Name: Theresa Llewellyn
Lesson Title: The subjunctive with adverbial clauses
Target Grade/Subject: Spanish 4Tenth and eleventh grade
Length: One hour

This lesson is designed to allow the achievement of 21st Century skills. The design of the plan requires the
students to work collaboratively, to apply critical thinking based the study done beforehand, and to create
something new, the graphic organizer. The fact that the students are given a great deal of material which
they have to organize means they have to analyze the material and then design a way to share the
information. The collaboration requires that they listen carefully to other students and then analyze what it
said about the material. All in all, many 21st Century skills are utilizes and learned in the assignment.

Technology Use
Tools and Resources: For homework, the students were given two websites from which to study.
One of the students found another site she found useful:

Evaluation Procedure
Essential questions or objectives: The students will understand the concept of the subjunctive in
adverbial clauses
The students will create a graphic organizer of the uses of the subjunctive in adverbial clauses.

Assessment of objectives: The students will create a graphic organizer to demonstrate the concept of the
subjunctive in adverbial clauses. I drew two graphic organizers of the subjunctive in noun clauses and
adjectival clauses.

Lesson Development
    As homework the students were given two websites to study.
    Based on this, as a warm up for this lesson, the students were given a flipchart using adverbial
       conjunctions in which it was necessary to identify whether the conjunction requires the subjunctive
       all the time or is the use of the subjunctive situational. This was done so that the students would
       become more familiar with these pronouns.
    To begin the lesson, I reviewed the previously learned subjunctive in noun clauses and adjective
       clauses, and drew organizers on the board. I did this to remind the students of the subjunctive they
       already know, and to place the new material in sequence. Then the class was reminded of the sites
       given them for homework
    The students were asked to form groups of four, to work together to distill the information from the
       websites to create a graphic organizer of the uses of the subjunctive in adverbial clauses. This type
       of activity requires the students to think critically as they analyze the information presented on the
       websites. It also requires them to solve the problem of organizing the information succinctly, and
       then on how to present the information in a way that shows the relationships between its parts.
       This activity is completely student centered as the role of the teacher is purely that of a facilitator in
       giving them the appropriate information and then allowing the student to do the thinking.
Below are samples of the graphic organizers the students created.

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