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									Brochure Folding Techniques That Rock
A brochure is effective marketing collateral that can help you make a
success out of your promotional campaign. Your brochure's main purpose is
to attract your clients to purchase a product from you or avail of a
Even with a powerful message and exciting brochure printing design, all
your efforts would be put to waste if you don't have the right folding
technique that would help your brochure spread out its wares in your
recipients' hands. Not to mention that your overall brochure printing
cost is also determined by your folding pattern.
It matters then how you apply your folding technique. To make a possible
sale and eventually increase your profits, you have to know what type of
brochure folding technique would be suitable for your needs and purpose.
Contrary to what a lot of people think, effective brochures are made not
only from great design or the perfect paper. (For most promotional
materials actually, like the club flyers, success is more than these two
elements.) For the most part, effective brochures are made by how they
For your next marketing campaign using brochures as your print
collaterals, here are the most effective folding methods that you can use
to increase your sales.
The Four-Page Fold. This simple brochure fold is the most basic as well
as the simplest technique. It is suitable for direct mail campaigns
because you don't need envelopes to send them to your target clients.
They're very easy to make as well.
The Six-Page Fold. Also best for direct mail brochures and can be used as
well for invitations. They can be applied to letterheads and literature
materials for best results.
The Six-Page Accordion Fold. This technique uses the basic literature
fold just like that of the 6-page. The only difference is the format
applies the accordion as a design to the folding technique. Also ideal
for direct mail campaigns.
The Eight-Page Parallel Fold. This is very popular among sales people as
it promotes readability of more detailed information. Generally a
literature and map folding technique, it is perfect for direct sales
mailers and directional invitations. It can also be mailed even without
an envelope.
The Eight-Page French, Eight-Page Map, Eight-Page Gate, Eight-Page
Accordion, and the Eight-Page Roll Folds. All of these techniques are
ideal for literature and map folding specifications. They are also great
for detailed sales and marketing information, as well as for contents
that use diagrams.
The Ten-Page Accordion, Ten-Page Parallel, and Twelve-Page Roll Folds.
Also suitable for sales and product brochures with a more detailed
The Twelve-Page Broadsheet and Signature Folds. In addition to sales
brochures with maps or diagrams, the 12-page broadsheet fold is also
ideal for educational and training kits.
The 16-Page Broadsheet and Signature Folds. Suitable for general maps,
educational or product descriptions in your brochures.
Folding is an art. Just like the Japanese origami, you can create a lot
of things out of a mere piece of paper. In the same manner, when you fold
your brochures, an art is created; an art that will draw your clients to
your business, and eventually increase your ROI.
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