A Guide to the Harrogate Christmas and Gifts Show by primusboy


									A Guide to the Harrogate Christmas and Gifts Show
The annual Harrogate fair is to take place on the 11th of January and
continue on to the 14th. The event will display a veritable cornucopia of
Christmas related items and holiday gifts for visitors to purchase.
This exceptional show is held annually in January to present the latest
Christmas-ware from old and new collections to potential buyers. The
Harrogate Christmas and gifts show will provide visitors with
opportunities to purchase gifts at discounted rates and take advantage of
incredible promotional offers. Visitors will also be able to view the
latest trends in holiday design and gift items before they appear on the
high street.
On entering the premises of the Harrogate International Centre and the
St. George's Hotel, visitors are always struck by the sheer volume of
Christmas themed products that are on display. This magnificent opulence
truly embodies the Christmas spirit of giving and is sure to make the
entire shopping experience a most enjoyable one.
Here, visitors will be able to purchase ideal gifts at leisure, without
the pressure of a deadline and additionally well in advance. In addition
to the Christmas themed items, there will also be on offer goods and
items suitable for other holidays including Halloween and Easter, as well
as the more generic party favours. Even a celebration like the Guy Fawkes
Night is not neglected and the show offers guests a wide selection of
fireworks to choose from.
Accommodation will not be a problem and is easily obtainable in
Harrogate. Visitors can either choose to stay in one of the charming bed
and breakfasts, or in one of the luxurious hotels in the vicinity if they
happen to be looking for something slightly more opulent. The trade
centre also provides reservation services known as the 'Reservation
Highway' for its guests at no extra charge. Visitors can easily make
their reservations by calling the service and making the necessary
The trade centre has also taken charge of catering, leaving visitors
completely free to enjoy the Harrogate Christmas and Gifts Show. All
three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner are catered for by the
exhibition centre.
The venue is easily accessible no matter the means of travel. Visitors
can reach the trade centre either via road or by rail. Guests who wish to
drive in will also face no problems as the venue can be accessed by major
motorways on all sides. For those who plan to travel by air, the centre
is within easy reach of the Manchester airport and the one in Leeds. An
added advantage for visitors is the ample parking space available within
a short distance of the centre.
The centre also provides an excellent coach service for the course of the
exhibition. The coach service is by far the best travel option for
visitors as it stops at various locations in the city and conveys guests
to the venue without any difficulty. After all venue entrances have been
covered, the coach would then move on to the railway station for more
passengers. This service is available throughout the day at intervals of
half an hour.
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