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									Health and Fitness Club Classes Offer Opportunities For Women
There are many health and fitness clubs that offer special opportunities
for their female clients. Most of the gyms and health clubs have classes
that are co-ed, and they are also offering more individualized programs
that target specific exercises for women.
Women need to learn stretching techniques that can be used to keep their
bodies flexible, and these methods are sometimes different from the types
of exercises available for men. The female body is often far more
flexible than a man's and, unless they keep the joints trained and
moving, they will lose this ability over the years.
Some of the co-ed classes that are offered at a health and fitness club
include spinning, stepping, Pilates, yoga, cardio, and weight training.
Women are the dominant members of the stepping, Pilates, and yoga classes
in almost every health and fitness club. The weight training classes
generally have few, if any, women participants.
There are a couple of reasons that women tend to steer away from weight
training. Women tend to believe that weight training and body building
are synonymous and, therefore, they do not want to bulk up their bodies
and look like male body builders.
Women may not know that much about weights and weight lifting techniques
and many are reluctant to ask anyone for information. The barbells and
heavy apparatus are still viewed as a man's domain by many.
However, health and fitness clubs are now helping women rethink their
ideas about weight training. It has been scientifically proven that
working with weights will increase bone density in women. Strong bones
and toned bodies are what women will gain from participating in weight
training classes.
The bulk and large muscles will not appear on women unless they use
testosterone drugs, since it is physically impossible for a female to
develop those large and imposing muscles just by working with weights.
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