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					Choosing Exercise Bike
This article will give you a general Exercise bike review, essential for
anyone who is not familiar with this fantastic exercising machine. Often
referred as Stationary Bicycle; an Exercise Bike is a special purpose
bicycle designed specifically as an exercise machine rather than a
transportation option. It is referred to as bicycle because of its
striking resemblance with an ordinary bicycle. As the name implies;
stationary bicycle, it is obvious that these exercise bikes are made
without wheels. Even then, the exercise bike has got many common bicycle
parts like:
* Saddle
* Pedals
* Handlebars
* A comfy seat
2. A Mini Exercise Bike
Some exercise bikes, also called as Mini Exercise Bicycles, doesn't
contain the handlebars or the saddles since they are designed for only
exercise purpose, while others are equipped with saddle and handlebar
that can serve the purpose of a trainer for bicycle ride.
Various Models of an Exercise Bike:
There are various types of exercise bikes. Some exercise bicycles come
with an ergo-meter while others don't. If you want to measure your
workout then you better go for an exercise bike with an ergo-meter on it.
Since it invention, there have been numerous models of the exercise bikes
being presented to the customers. The two most common exercise bike
models are upright bikes and indoor cycling bikes. Another interesting
model of an exercise bike is the one that allows the exerciser to use the
pedal in the backward direction.
Some exercise bicycle models come with special pedals specifically
designed to offer resistance through various resistance mechanisms like
fans, magnets or friction techniques.
Can Anyone Use an Ordinary Bike As an Exercise Bike ?
Yes, you can mold your ordinary bike into an exercise bike by mounting it
on a trainer or a bicycle rollers. Bicycle rollers or trainers are mainly
used by athletes to have warm up exercises before getting into a sport
event like bicycle race.
What Can Be Achieved By Using An Exercise Bicycle ?
An exercise bicycle can be used with varying purposes to achieve
different goals. The major usage of exercise bicycles is to gain physical
fitness. This can be done in various contexts like getting fitness before
a sport event like cycling. Exercise bikes have also been used for
physical therapy since it provides a safe and easy way of getting
cardiovascular exercises.
The term "fitness" can be taken in the context of weight loss. If you
have had a one-hour continuous and a speedy ride on an exercise bike, it
is as though you have run at the speed of 7 mph for one hour; hence
burning enough number of calories.
Another interesting usage or rather innovation to the exercise bicycle is
the addition of a gaming console that displays a cycling game. The speed
of the player depends on the exerciser's actual speed on the exercise
bicycle; thus creating interest in the exercise through a racing game.
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