Benefits of the Hula Hoop

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					Benefits of the Hula Hoop
This new fitness craze makes me feel nostalgic! I picked up a hoop a few
years back to shake up my home fitness routine. I did not stick with it
for very long. The hoop was too light and fell down on me so often, that
I did not get much out of it.
Fortunately, these days they are making hoops big enough for adults,
weighing in at about 5lbs. So they stay up long enough to sweat!
The Hula hoop or "hooping" craze hasn't hit Canada as hard as it has
invaded the UK and L.A fitness scene. I am sure it will though! This
activity is fun and has many advantages.
Benefits Of Hula Hooping
-It is a great warm up to start a home routine or group class.
-Hula hooping targets the abs, back, hips and surprisingly the legs from
bracing yourself.
-Hula Hoops are inexpensive and easy to store.
-Anybody can try hula hooping. It's easy on the joints and can be made
harder or easy, based on your fitness level.
-Different classes can be based around the hoop. Circus style, which
involves multiple hoops and belly dancing. It's quite challenging to
dance and hoop. A great workout!
-An excellent activity to blast some music to while throwing in some
-An awesome cardiovascular workout.
-This is an exercise you can do with your kids.
Hula hoops are no longer just a kids toy! Hooping is a fantastic fitness
alternative that everybody should try!
Hoop For Fitness!
Kaleena Lawless
Personal Training Specialist

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