Visualize Past Present and Future

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					Visualize Past Present and Future
Now that you've learned the basics of visualization (see my article on
the first steps toward visualization), lets take it to another level.
After practicing the relaxation techniques to get yourself in the right
state of mind to visualize the next step is to do a visualization. One
that I like is to imagine yourself climbing a mountain. Around and round
you go through the circular paths. This is a metaphor for life's journey.
Eventually you reach a plateau. The plateau represents the here and now.
You are placed firmly on the ground in your present life. To one side of
the mountain you see a village. The village is filled with the details of
your life. Review all of it. Review the highlights and the times that
were most challenging. See the common thread that helped you through
every event that you have ever been through. See how strong you were and
are. Look at the clever ways in which you overcame obstacles as only you
Turn to the other side of the mountain in your visualization. See the
valley that is empty and full of possibilities. This is your future. As
you stand firmly in the here and now, what are all the possibilities for
tomorrow? See them, paint them, expand on them, change them. Extend your
life and see yourself as healthy and energetic and able to live a long
time with all the strength and vibrancy that you're going to need to
accomplish all that you set out to achieve.
This is a visualization to review the past, observe the present and to
create the future.
Debbie Simon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, NY State Licensed
Psychotherapist and Life Coach. Specializing in
visualization/manifestation; 20 years experience; seasoned, skilled and
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