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									Think, Speak & Act Using the Law of Attraction
Use the law of attraction to become a great creator. This is the secret
to manifesting your desires. Spirituality information tells us that
everything starts with a thought and then a thought which is spoken and
then an action in alignment with the thought. The law of attraction keeps
you focused on these concepts.
Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a wonderful book titled "The Four Agreements" and
the first agreement that he talks about is "Be Impeccable With Your
Word." What you say out into this world reflects and defines who you are
and where you are going.
We should all speak with integrity and say only what we mean. We need to
avoid using our words to speak against ourselves or to gossip about
others. Our words are powerful creative forces that the universe must
listen to and adhere to just like our thoughts but with more power of
The phrase, "I am so stupid" has just as much creative power as the
phrase "I am truth and love." The universe doesn't judge or care about
what you say. It just hears what you say and then begins shifting itself
around to reflect in your reality that which you have declared through
your word.
Thought, word and deed. If you think a thought and speak your thought,
you have created at a very high level, but now you must do the deeds or
actions that will manifest your thought into your reality.
Your beingness creates your doingness, so at this stage of the creative
process, it is important to analyze who you are being as you think about
the desires you wish to manifest in your reality.
Who you choose to be is such an important aspect of the process of life
and the process of creation but it is also one of the least conscious
things that we think about in our day-to-day existence in the physical
Who you are being at any stage of the life process is the single most
influential determining factor on what you ultimately do in your life and
it is probably the least conscious thing we think about as we travel this
journey of physical existence.
If you are being love you will make different choices as to what you do
then if you are being fear. When was the last time you thought about
whether you are being love or being fear? It's hard to do (unless it
isn't) because we are continually changing our states of beingness
according to what we are desiring and experiencing.
It takes a concerted effort to consciously know what your state of
beingness is at any particular moment. This requires an awareness that
you can only develop by being conscious of a desire to be aware.
Try to be aware throughout your day so that the desire you wish to
manifest is in alignment with the beingness that you choose to experience
your desire from. Then plug that beingness into your psyche and try to
maintain it as a basis of who you are and what you choose to bring into
your life.
What we are talking about is that in order to get to where you desire to
go you need to have an idea of where it is that you are going. Once you
have established where you are going then you can more easily get there.
It is like wanting to go to Seattle but you are driving in the direction
of Dallas. When you set your course you need to keep the destination in
mind and adjust your course as necessary to keep you moving in the
direction of your intended target. Always use the law of attraction to
keep you focused on your intended target.
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