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Law of Attraction - Let Go in Order to Attract More


									Law of Attraction - Let Go in Order to Attract More
Letting go is an Extremely necessary step to applying the law of
attraction. If you are like most people you may find it extremely hard to
do. You may wonder how can I let go when I want what I want so badly?
When you are holding on to the feeling of Needing and wanting you are
actually sending all sorts of mixed messages to your subconscious mind.
The most destructive message you are sending is that you do not already
have what you want. The law of attraction will give you more of what you
already have, more of what you already feel, more of what you believe.
Have you ever noticed how easily you were able to manifest some things
while other things seemed impossible to manifest? Money is one such thing
most people have an extremely hard time attracting. Because everyone
believes that money is a necessity in this physical life most everyone
has an unhealthy attachment to the feeling of wanting more money.
How Can you Let Go of the Wanting Feeling So That You Can Experience More
of the Having?
Look around you at what you do have. You are wealthy now just by being
alive. The moment you reduce the need for external things you can begin
to move into the feeling of being and having. When you are able to hold
that feeling of abundance dispute not having many things, you will begin
to resonate at a very high state of having. The law of attraction will
only bring to you what you already feel.
Learn to Master the Mind in order to Attract More
As you move aside away from that feeling of wanting you can now begin to
apply the mental skill necessary to attract much more of what you want.
Your ability to become a powerful magnet will grow rapidly when you enter
that state of having and being already abundant.
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