Identifying Who You Are and What You Want

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					Identifying Who You Are & What You Want
In order to improve ourselves, we need to know who we are NOW & who we
want to become. A journey of self-improvement & attracting what we want
includes clearly defining what we want in terms of improvement. Not in
general terms but in specific ways that allows us to see it, feel it, &
measure it clearly.
Knowing what we truly want is the first step. Making sure we are pursuing
OUR goals & desires is important. Are your goals YOUR GOALS or the
desires of others who think they know what's best for you? We can get
frustrated pursuing goals that "they" want for us. But when we can define
our own goals & outcomes for our own good, then we have a strong
motivation to accomplish these goals. Law of attraction also is
strengthened with this clear focus of what we want to attract.
Identifying our values can help us identify who we are. What is important
to each of us individually is what distinguishes us from each other.
There are no "wrong" values, as long as they are pursued with the highest
intent with no harm to others.
A partial list of value words include; excellence, service, contribution,
integrity, autonomy, respect, honesty, fun, truth, wealth, harmony, &
simplicity. There are plenty of other words that identify values. Find
the words that identify your values. These words are the core of who you
are & who you want to be. Set your goals & outcomes to match your values.
It's being in touch with our values that carry us through the tough times
as we pursue our goals.
Being able to clearly see & feel the outcome is also important to
achieving our goals. You should be able to clearly visualize exactly what
you will look like, feel like, & act like, when you achieve your goal.
A great exercise is being able to sit quietly & see, feel, & experience
what it will be like when you accomplish your goal. Experience it in your
mind as fully as possible. See every detail. Feel what it is like to be
the new you NOW. Athletes do this all the time. They visualize making a
shot, winning a race, or completing a play. This is as important to their
training as the physical practice. Write out this description & meditate
on it at least twice a day.
We have great power within us to manifest what we want. Knowing what our
true desires are, identifying why we want these outcomes, & connecting
them to our values all contribute to making the changes we want. These
steps alone can be a big step to accomplishing your dreams.
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